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How To Build A Cat Tree & Scratching Post

Building your personal distinctive cat tree can assist save your furnishings and supply your cat with some nice vantage issues. These buildings are rather pricey to shop for, however simple to make with a couple of fundamental equipment.



There are many superb cat tree designs to be had and there truly aren’t any limits in case you use your creativeness. They may also be made extremely affordably the usage of reclaimed furnishings, recycled pieces or picket off-cuts. You a good use a tree department in case you just like the herbal glance.

Your cat, specifically if he’s solely indoors wishes someplace to scratch and climb so he can categorical his commonplace behaviours. Cat bushes are an exquisite means of offering a pleasant prime perch, and if you are making your personal, no longer simplest will you get monetary savings, however it is possible for you to to make one that matches into your decor and floor-space.

The first step is to get a fundamental thought of what you wish to have and what you have got the equipment and functions to construct. Visit this website for some nice fundamental directions the usage of fundamental equipment, you’ll be able to then adapt this plan on your personal design.

Components of a Cat Tree

Cat bushes may also be constructed from herbal tree branches, thick picket posts, PVC pipes and thick cardboard tubes (corresponding to discovered within the centre of carpet rolls or paper rolls. The fundamental parts are a thick and durable base, with a publish of a few sort product of herbal picket, or picket/carcboard lined in carpet off-cuts or sissal rope. You can both drill the publish in position, or use brackets if the publish is hole.

Your cat will revel in a couple of ranges, most likely one enclosed like just a little cubby-house and one platform, and a few dangling toys to play with. It should be strong sufficient that your cat can climb it with out it swaying, another way your cat shall be good sufficient to stick away.

While within the drawing board, additionally believe how you’re going to stay the tree blank, you’ll be able to vacuum carpeted surfaces, however attempt to steer clear of different porous fabrics that shall be tricky to scrub. Any cushions or beds will have to be detachable for weekly washing on a sizzling washing cycle and most likely connected by the use of Velcro tabs to forestall them slipping.

Finally, steer clear of portray the tree (except you employ herbal paints) or the usage of pungent adhesives that would possibly disappointed your cat’s subtle sense of odor.

What Does Your Cat Like?

Before you get started, have a take into consideration what your cat loves to scratch on. A cat that loves to scratch on door-frames, could be with a publish product of herbal picket, or most likely sissal rope, which is rather tough. If you intend on the usage of sissal, it could actually take a good bit of time to wind round an extended publish and may also be relatively pricey to shop for new.

A cat that prefers the leather-based living room or carpets, could be with publish lined in carpet. The added bonus of carpet is that you’ll be able to exchange it later when it will get too shredded or you wish to have a special glance, and it’s simple to staple in position. Just steer clear of carpet that has loops on your cat to get his claws caught in.

Cats love hiding puts, but additionally vantage issues, so believe the usage of top and a couple of ranges. If your cat can use the cat tree to appear out a window, or get away the canine or youngsters, the entire higher

Where to Find Materials

Check your council website online for recycling centres that can have very affordable fabrics. In Sydney, as an example, Reverse Garbage has the entirety you want to make an inexpensive and distinctive piece of cat furnishings corresponding to carpet off-cuts, cardboard tubes, items of picket and more than a few different items.

You too can test right here for extra puts with recycling choices for fabrics, or freecycle. The base is one of the crucial vital section to get proper. It must be thick and heavy to stabilise the poles bobbing up from it.

Tools You Might Need

  • Staple gun or sizzling glue gun
  • Hammer and nails or drill
  • Rivet gun (if you’re the usage of PVC piping or a hole tube for the ‘tree’
  • Utility knife to chop carpet
  • Saw to chop picket
  • Sandpaper
  • Nails or Screws

Basic Scratching Post

If you simply want a scratching publish, be certain that it’s tall sufficient that your cat can totally stretch out. Most are a lot too brief. Measure from nostril to tip of the tail and make it a minimum of that duration. If your cat is scratching on horizontal surfaces, make a horizontal scratching publish, it is going to make it a lot more straightforward to redirect your puppy to the right position.

Tree Branches

cat tree from branch

Cat Tree Using Branches

Like this shocking construction constructed from bushes and tree branches you’ll be able to use a big fallen tree department for this challenge. Just be certain that there aren’t any pests within the picket. The final thing you want are some crawling hitch-hikers and most likely that tree department fell for a reason why! Martha Stewart has an overly trendy instance of this too.

Permanent Post

Rather than make a tree, you’ll be able to employ present furnishings and buildings inside your own home. A duration of carpet or rope lined board  may also be fastened to a wall, or to the aspect of a bookcase. Shelves and platforms may also be screwed securely at once into the partitions to create a chain of platforms.

If you have already got tall bookshelves, believe solving them to the wall to cause them to solid and safe (suppose baby-proofing for hiking little toddlers), then connect some further cabinets at the out of doors to permit your cat to get admission to the highest. This best shelf is perfect as a cat vantage level, and is incessantly unused area.

Cat furniture from German company Profeline

Cat furnishings from German corporate Profeline

Cat Tree or Condo

One means of creating a rental is to make use of a cardboard cylinder with openings. There are some nice plans to be had right here. You can do a an identical design with bins, and even simply stack some strong cardboard bins on best of one another. Those thick bins from the fruit store can be very good for making a short lived cat tree, simply stack them and lower some holes out to create some great cubby-holes.

Building a Cat Tree From Found Items

This gorgeous cat tree has been made from an outdated bookshelf. An outdated chest of drawers, ladder or portions of a chair is also reclaimed to make a wonderful tree. For extra inspiration on cat bushes, condos and wonderful cat properties, consult with right here.

How to Get Your Cat to Scratch at the Post

If your cat doesn’t rather know the way wonderful his new publish is, display him scratch it via making noisy scratches your self whilst he watches. You wish to make it as horny as imaginable, and where he used to be the usage of as unattractive as imaginable.

Some cats are scratching to free up pheromones, so in case your cat is decided to scratch in different places, first check out spraying where he’s scratching with Feliway day-to-day, or position a Feliway diffuser close by. You too can use Feliway to spray the scratching publish to with a bit of luck masks any bizarre smells that can be off-putting on your cat. Cover the world he used to be scratching till you have got him retrained, or limit his get admission to.

If this is a door body, stick some tin foil over the spot to discourage him, whilst you inspire him to make use of the brand new publish. The foil trick too can paintings with the sofa or rugs.

Each time you notice him making an attempt to scratch within the fallacious position, redirect him to the brand new position. You might wish to to start with get started with the publish close to his outdated scratching spot. Alternatively, close to his snoozing space as cats like to stretch and scratch after they get up. It can then be moved step by step to a extra suitable position as soon as he has the dependancy of the usage of it.

Avoid punishment to forestall him scratching, it simply teaches him to not do it if you are round and doesn’t give him an alternative behaviour. Also stay treats (in case your cat is fussy check out fishy pastes, like anchovette, pate or vegemite) close by so you’ll be able to praise him if he does use the brand new publish.

Good success and we would like you to publish footage of your cat tree, specifically whether it is handmade!

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