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Iguana Care – Caring for Pet Iguanas, Ideas and Tips

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Interested in a puppy iguana or questioning the right way to care for it correctly?  This information will mean you can get began with the fundamentals of taking good care of this prehistoric puppy.


What many attainable iguana keepers don’t understand is their handful of a child iguana is destined to develop into one thing drawing near a 20lb dinosaur lookalike. The most effective explanation why an iguana wouldn’t achieve this dimension is that if they aren’t correctly cared for and die younger. Since neglecting an iguana is a no longer an choice, because of this pint-sized hatchling quickly wishes their very own room – actually!


An grownup Iguana measures five – 7 feet. (the ladies are shorter) from nostril to tail tip, and weigh in at round 20 lbs. They too can are living as much as 20 years and are due to this fact a thought to be dedication for any puppy mother or father.

Your scaly-buddy wishes numerous house, corresponding to an enclosure measuring 12 via 6 via 6 ft. Plus they’re chilly-blooded and require the realm to be heated (which is able to determine dear in iciness) and UV lights for sturdy bones.

As for meals, iguanas are vegetarian and require a vitamin of unpolluted fruit and veg. This must be sprinkled with calcium powder to scale back the danger of metabolic bone illness.

OK, you’ve gotten a spare room and embody the possibility of a big scaly buddy. Are iguanas simple to care for? Yes and no.


Apart from the ones wonderful prehistoric seems to be, iguanas are recognized for their enticing personalities. When treated from a teen, they develop to understand their carer and search out their corporate. Iguanas actually have a popularity for following their puppy mother or father round like a canine.

However, pleasant iguanas don’t occur accidentally, and you do wish to get started dealing with them from a tender age. So much like socializing a pet, common one-to-one time with other folks is helping the infant iguana get used to other folks and experience their corporate. The finish result’s a pleasant reptile that doesn’t chunk (which is vital as an iguana chunk can do actual harm.)

A last issue to imagine when dealing with an iguana is the danger of salmonellosis. Like many reptiles, iguanas might raise the salmonella computer virus. The reptile isn’t sick however excretes the micro organism which then pose a chance to other folks. Good hygiene is very important, which incorporates washing your palms after touch with the iguana. If the ones residing with you’ve gotten susceptible immune methods (corresponding to youngsters, the aged, or that on chemotherapy) then an iguana is perfect have shyed away from as a puppy.


Iguanas develop large however get started out small, and a small reptile in a big enclosure is liable to not to find their meals. Therefore, be ready to offer a smaller house for junior and amplify the enclosure as they develop.

Starting out a 20 gallon aquarium is ok for a tender iguana as much as 18-inches in period. But know that very same iguana as an grownup wishes an area that’s a minimum of two times their period (nostril to tail tip) and as vast because the lizard is lengthy. And that is the minimal requirement.

Remember, iguana are arboreal (tree living) and additionally want vertical house, therefore the recommendation for an enclosure 12 x 6 x 6 foot. In fact, that is the dimensions of a big cabinet or small bed room, so you’ll want to have sufficient room.

The number of ground protecting is debatable. Small iguana has a addiction of consuming issues they shouldn’t so watch out their ‘carpet’ if swallowed gained’t reason a bowel blockage. Popular choices come with newspaper, butchers’ paper, or paper towels. Alternatively put money into some reptile carpet, which is thickly woven and tricky to rip aside. Have a minimum of two items, so one is in use while the opposite is within the wash. Some other folks get a hold of different answers corresponding to AstroTurf, linoleum, or carpet tiles.

And ultimate however no longer least, make certain the enclosure supplies for the iguanas wish to climb. Criss move the cage it with strong branches, so your scaly buddy can get watch from on top.


A chilly iguana is quickly a unwell iguana. To keep smartly an iguana wishes consistent warmth, a basking spot, and UV lighting. Work on offering a background temperature of 80 – 88 F throughout the day and 75 – 80 F at evening (hotter for kids). In addition they want a basking spot, which is a hotspot they are able to sit down beneath to heat up, of round 120 F.

UVB lights is vital for calcium metabolism and sturdy bones. Given the dimensions of an iguana you might want two UVB tubes to hide the period in their frame. These lighting want changing each and every six months, as the quantity of UV they push out drops off dramatically after this time.

Oh, and know they prefer to have a definite day and evening photoperiod. This manner the indoor iguana wishes their lighting turning out when it is going darkish out of doors, and a curtain dropped over the entrance of the enclosure so they are able to get their good looks sleep.


The widespread inexperienced iguana comes from the rainforests of South America, that are heat and humid. To mimic this, the iguana’s enclosure wish to achieve a sticky 80% humidity. This may also be tough, and maximum keepers choose for a combo of a big water bowl to give you the floor house for evaporation, and misting the lizard a number of occasions an afternoon.

Provide two water assets. A bowl with a big floor house (for greater water evaporation and upper humidity) and a smaller bowl for ingesting from. This stated, don’t concern in the event you don’t see the iguana drink, they get maximum in their moisture from meals, however want the strategy to drink regardless.

Also, bear in mind that iguana are keen on bathing and defecating in water, so be expecting to freshen each water bowls incessantly.


These delicate giants are vegetarian. Some keepers make the error of pondering their massive dimension manner they’ll have the benefit of a complement of cat meals. But that is disastrous, as a result of meat-primarily based meals are too top in protein and pressure the iguana’s kidney, resulting in renal failure.

For the best iguana vitamin suppose uncooked greens, with fruit as a as soon as per week deal with. Those perfect fitted to iguanas come with collard vegetables, dandelions, turnip vegetables, inexperienced beans, and yellow squash.

In addition there are business meals to be had from respected reptile corporations corresponding to Zoo Med and Rep-Cal. Just be sure you learn the components and in the event that they come with animal protein put the field again at the shelf. Adult iguanas cope higher than juveniles with dry diets; even then it’s smart to hose down the meals. This is as a result of iguanas get many of the water from their meals, and an excessive amount of dry meals might result in dehydration.

Calcium is vital for a wholesome iguana. However, some veggies comprise phytates and oxalates which intrude with the digestion of calcium. Carefully analysis any new meals you give the iguana, and most effective give restricted quantities of veg corresponding to spinach, carrot tops, and rhubarb which rob the frame of calcium. A just right protection measure is to sprinkle calcium powder at the iguana’s day by day salad as a precaution.

Also, pay attention to a quirk of teenybopper iguanas is that they are able to’t chunk their meals, so be sure you lower it up. If they swallow a work this is too large it will reason a significant blockage, which is definitely have shyed away from via providing diced veg.


Poor care is the largest reason behind untimely demise in iguanas. Sadly, the commonest well being issues also are guy-made.


Iguana principally sense warmth in the course of the parietal eye of their head. When a warmth supply, corresponding to a sizzling rock, is supplied the iguana’s abdominal doesn’t check in the warmth. Many an iguana has suffered critical burns from napping on a warmth mat that was once too sizzling.

Kidney Problems:

Foods containing animal protein, corresponding to bugs or puppy meals, put an enormous pressure at the iguana kidney. They merely aren’t designed to procedure and detox these types of wealthy protein assets, which results in kidney harm and renal failure.

Metabolic Bone Disease:

Be certain to hit that candy spot of feeding wholesome veggies loaded with calcium, and sturdy UVB lights. If both of those elements is out of kilter, the result’s deficient calcium metabolism, susceptible bones, and fractures.


The iguana is really an impressive animal however to care correctly for one of these creature takes dedication, consideration to element, and house. Much as you would like to stay this sort of gorgeous reptiles, put their perfect pursuits first. If you’ll’t meet all their necessities stretching 20 years into the long run, then it’s perfect to respect them from afar.

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