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IKEA shines a light on electrical waste

When it involves recycling tough pieces like lightbulbs and batteries, possibly no different store is best switched on than IKEA

Maree Hutchinson is supervisor of Lakeside IKEA, Essex department of the Swedish furnishings retailer chain. Five years in the past she used to be answerable for introducing recycling containers to her store, and now they’re in all 17 IKEAs throughout the United Kingdom.

While they take cans, paper, cardboard and plastics, the most important get advantages those mini-centres convey to the recycling effort are by means of giving other people someplace handy and devoted to take their batteries and lightbulbs, the tough electrical pieces. Last yr the Lakeside retailer by myself recycled 1,290kg of lightbulbs (common and occasional calories), 500kg of batteries and 850kg of different electricals, all gathered by means of Manchester-based Mercury Recycling.

“I stole the idea on a visit to one of our stores in Sweden,” remembers Hutchinson. “It looked professional and slick and sexy, and I wanted that for Essex! It cost about £2,500 to put it in, and we have invested a lot of money in balers for the cardboard and plastics, so that we can do all that on site. We don’t earn anything from the recycling but it’s something IKEA has been doing internationally for 12 years.”

She provides: “Customers are aware now that they can bring their recycling here and they come from all over with their batteries and lightbulbs. While we don’t make publicity out of it, our customers get a good feeling from it.”

Gateshead IKEA on Tyneside has taken recycling any other step ahead because the pilot website for a pioneering ‘new lamps for outdated’ scheme. The initiative got here from WEEELite, a manufacturer compliance three way partnership between electricial recycling specialist Weeeco and energy-saving lightbulb producer Megaman, which provides IKEA with all its compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs, as energy-saving bulbs are recognized within the business).

WEEELite audited the website to evaluate how present practices might be advanced and prices decreased, which resulted within the introduction of a unmarried garage level for returned lamps to be gathered by means of Weeeco. Light fittings have the bulbs taken out and the plugs bring to a halt to permit each to be reused, and the copper cable is stripped for recycling. Household home equipment coming again to the shop move to a native social endeavor so additionally they have the danger of being reused.

(Environmental Data Interactive – edie.internet)

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