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Integrating renewables into the electricity grid

Europe has installed position law to advertise renewable energies however is now confronted with the problem of integrating expanding quantities of intermittent energy resources like sun and wind into the electricity grid, working the possibility of destabilising it

The EU’s 2001 directive on the promotion of electricity from renewable power resources established a framework for integrating renewable energies into Europe’s grid. The directive required member states to take measures to make sure that transmission and distribution device operators “guarantee the transport and distribution of electricity produced from renewable energy sources”.

Acknowledging chronic massive diversifications in the stage of integration completed by way of member states, the framework used to be bolstered in the EU’s new Renewable Energy Directive, agreed in 2008.

The legislation calls for member states to offer both precedence or assured get right of entry to to the grid for electricity constructed from renewable resources with a purpose to reach the purpose of manufacturing 20% of Europe’s power from renewable resources by way of 2020.

Furthermore, it obliges EU governments broaden grid infrastructure, clever networks and garage amenities with a purpose to protected the operation of the electricity device whilst ramping up manufacturing of renewables.

In addition, many nations have installed position nationwide incentive schemes to boost up the grid integration of renewables, comparable to feed-in price lists in Germany and different international locations (see Euractiv LinksDossier on ‘Supporting renewable energies’).


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