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Mailman Caught on Video Pepper Spraying Dog Through Fence

A Fort Worth, Texas mailman is beneath police investigation after surveillance video captured the postal employee the usage of pepper spray on a small canine that used to be securely contained in the back of a fence.

The house owner’s safety video presentations Thalia, a 22-pound Bichon Frise, fortunately wagging her tail when the mail provider approached the home.

That’s when the mailman pulled out his pepper spray and sprayed Thalia within the face, two times, in the course of the fence in the back of which she used to be securely contained.

When the house owner’s son, Scott Young, witnessed his canine being pepper sprayed, he ran outdoor to confront the mailman.

“The first thing I asked was, ‘Did you spray my dog?’” he defined to NBCDFW. “He said, ‘Yes.’ I asked why and he said ‘because she almost stuck her head through the fence.’”

Thalia, understandably nervous, ran within and concealed beneath the mattress.

The circle of relatives’s mailbox opens from outdoor the fence. And, despite the fact that Thalia, at best 22-pounds is not able to leap over the fence and achieve the mail provider, the pleasant canine hasn’t ever as soon as escaped the backyard or bitten any individual. She used to be merely no longer a danger.

The case is these days beneath investigation through Fort Worth Police.

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