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Mars Petcare Protecting Their Billions – Truth about Pet Food

In 2012 Mars Petcare offered $16,650,000,000.00 value of dog food. Numerous different issues took place in 2012 too, obvious makes an attempt to offer protection to that $16 billion greenback a yr source of revenue. TAPF has received 1000’s of pages of presidency data disclosing inside of knowledge in regards to the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, MO. Here are some snippets from the ones paperwork.

In August of 2012, staff of the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, MO filed a lawsuit towards their employer. Many staff of the dog food plant instructed me the lawsuit needed to occur, as a result of now not one govt authority safe them, now not one govt authority safe the pets from the dog food. After 4 lengthy years, the lawsuit used to be set to visit trial in January 2017. Then the case used to be all at once settled in past due December 2016 – weeks previous to trial. Telling proof towards Mars Petcare used to be sealed in that agreement. But…now not the whole thing used to be sealed.

The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) supplies the chance for somebody to request correspondence, paperwork, proof from a central authority entity. FOIA requests have been despatched to Missouri Department of Agriculture, Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for any and all correspondence, paperwork, proof in relation to the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, MO. After months of ready, paperwork have in any case been won, 1000’s of pages value.

This is an overly detailed tale. Some companies closely redacted the guidelines equipped, others didn’t. In different phrases, it is a jigsaw puzzle with one of the most items clean. As items are put in combination, they’ll be shared. It is unknown at the moment what number of portions/items to this tale there can be.

Note to the person(s) who’ve threatened others and myself for years: remember that the paperwork I’ve won are public knowledge equipped to me inside of complete provision of regulation. Any long term threats, texts, spying can be reported to government and can be absolutely disclosed to dog food shoppers.

Documents display unwell pets have been reported to government in regards to the dog food manufactured at this Mars Petcare plant; it’s unknown what number of pets was sick or died. It is definitely documented that many staff of the dog food plant and subcontractor staff have suffered critical well being penalties together with middle illness, lung illness, and most cancers. At least one former worker (to my wisdom) has died (liver most cancers). Multiple former staff and subcontractor staff have shared that house medical doctors will now not deal with them – outright refusing sufferers who used to paintings for Mars. One former worker – now too unwell to paintings (lung illness) shared when he lately went to a brand new physician, on the first assembly the physician entered the room and stated “Did you work at the Mars plant, because I can’t get involved in that.” The former worker lied – he instructed the physician “No, I didn’t work there” so as to obtain remedy.

This dog food plant closed in June of 2013. Mars Petcare instructed KOAM TV of Joplin, MO the dog food plant closed as a result of “there’s simply been less demand in stores for dry dog food.  The official says the market has shifted towards smaller dogs.” 

But data received inform a distinct tale.

In September 2012 – lower than nine months previous to plant remaining – the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) won a “confidential health hazard evaluation request from employees of Mars PetCare in Joplin, Missouri. The requestors expressed concerns about vomiting, seizures, and breathing as well as problems with kidneys, liver, and lungs related to substances used in the manufacture of pet food and dog biscuits.”

Per hand written notes won via Freedom of Information Act request, NOISH had critical issues referring to this dog food plant:

“Most of other people operating in mill room are unwell – 6-7 unwell.
2 complete time staff + 1 brief instances Three consistent with shift.”

With regards to phosphine (pesticide regularly used to kill bugs and rodents on grains and meat meal substances of dog food), NIOSH analysis notes mentioned:

“Slightly heavier than air.
Phosphine – get well or die.
No antidote – simplest recent air.
Nausea, sweat, flu like signs, CV cave in, respiring issues.”

NIOSH held a telephone convention assembly with Mars Petcare legal professionals Mark Anstoetter and Pat Fanning on October 19, 2012 inquiring for an inspection of the dog food plant in addition to inquiring for to interview staff. Dates presented for inspection by means of the Mars legal professionals right through that assembly have been November 2, November 13, 14, and/or November 31. The inspection used to be not on time till December 17 – 19, 2012.

From the October 19, 2012 assembly notes – Mars lawyer Mark Anstoetter instructed NIOSH:

“No diacetyl.
“Don’t upload it. Not in uncooked substances.”

However NIOSH did in finding diacetyl within the dog food plant. “We discovered that one of the vital substances used on the facility that we sampled had the prospective to liberate diacetyl and a pair of,Three-pentanedione into the air below positive instances.” (Quote from NIOSH ultimate record connected on the backside of this submit.) Diacetyl is a taste additive connected to critical lung illness (popcorn lung).

NIOSH notes dated November five, 2012:

“Prior to inspections – close down and blank the whole thing.
Sometimes now not even operating when inspector comes via.
Very seldom used to be plant ever operating when inspector at plant.”

And simply as they have been instructed, cleansing of the dog food plant started about 1 month prematurely of NIOSH’s arrival on the plant (inspection to start December 17, 2012). (Less than 7 months previous to remaining, the plant used to be generating dog food 24/7.)

“November 15, 2012.
Mars introduced that they are going to be operating 7 days a week now.
Holiday celebration cancelled.
People will paintings 13 days/1 off.
No new hiring.
People are getting known as in early to wash.
Normal paintings hours 11 PM, are available in at 7 PM or keep over to assist brief staff blank.
Get paid time beyond regulation, however can’t say no.”

NOISH carried out their plant inspection, sampling exams and worker interviews December 17 – 19, 2012. On February 13, 2013, NIOSH equipped Mars Petcare and their legal professionals with “Interim Letter 1”. The letter from NIOSH to Mars went over more than a few issues together with the danger to staff of phosphine poisoning (Phosphine is a regularly used pesticide to kill insects and rodents on grains and meat meal substances.) Company data equipped to NIOSH confirmed “From August four to October 29, 2012, private phosphine track measurements ranged between zero and five.85 ppm. On two days, there used to be a non-public tracking studying of five.85 ppm across the auger.” Note: private phosphine screens worn by means of some staff have been set to alarm at zero.2 ppm. A studying of “5.85 ppm” within the plant would undoubtedly put staff in danger for publicity to a dangerous poison.

The similar February 13, 2013 Interim Letter 1 from NIOSH asked Mars to position “copies of this letter be posted in a prominent place accessible to the employees for a period of 30 calendar days.” This used to be asked to warn/alert staff to NIOSH findings. But consistent with inside emails from NIOSH, Mars Petcare didn’t comply:

A gathering used to be held between NIOSH and Mars Petcare on “Friday, May 17, 2013 at 1400”. On the decision for Mars used to be Mark Anstoetter, Attorney, Shook Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P. and “Robert Arnold Plant Manager, Mars PetCare, Joplin, Missouri.”

NIOSH data documenting the assembly state: “1) First we discussed the absentee data.”

“2) After this, we mentioned our want to go back to finish a clinical survey. We discussed the prime share of staff interviewed right through the web page discuss with who complained of pulmonary signs, allergic signs, and GI issues (44%, 33%, and 28% respectively).”

“Three) Mark (Anstoetter – Mars lawyer) mentioned that he used to be stunned and noticed no proof to strengthen our want to go back. He mentioned that proceeding this investigation can be “abusive” to the corporate.”

“7) Mark mentioned that he didn’t really feel the corporate will have to must be investigated additional, and implied that [redacted]. He moreover stated that he may now not consent to additional follow-up. In mild of the truth that the litigants are submitting for well being issues, Mars insists that no additional information assortment is vital and believes it is going to simplest interfere with the case.”

The above assembly when Mars refused to provide consent for clinical survey on their staff used to be May 17, 2013. It used to be only a topic of time that Mars would were compelled to consent to NIOSH clinical survey of staff (can not legally be refused).

On June Three, 2013two weeks later – Mars Petcare introduced to staff that the Joplin dog food plant used to be remaining that day – no advance caution used to be given to staff. On that very same day – June Three, 2013 – staff of the dog food plant have been presented a 6 month pay severance bundle – in change for his or her signature on a record freeing Mars from any long term well being claims towards the corporate.

Overview –

November 15, 2012 – manufacturing of dog food used to be Three shifts 7 days every week.

December 17 – 19, 2012 – NIOSH inspects plant, plays trying out and interviews staff.

February 13, 2013 – NIOSH despatched reaction letter to Mars referring to inspection highlighting critical issues with pesticide use (phosphine). NIOSH requests Mars to submit “several copies” of this letter in distinguished puts to alert staff in their findings.

March five, 2013 – Mars refuses to submit NIOSH reaction letter to warn/alert staff.

May 17, 2013 – Phone assembly with Mars lawyer – refuses to permit keep on with up clinical survey’s of staff.

June Three, 2013 – Mars closes the plant with out a caution to staff. Employees are compelled to signal a well being claims liberate so as to obtain severance bundle.

June four, 2013 – Mars tells media plant closed because of “much less call for in retail outlets for dry pet food“.


NIOSH will have/will have to have returned to Joplin, MO to do the clinical survey on staff even after the plant closed. Data will have been accumulated from those lately laid off dog food staff that will have helped those other people download remedy for their very own diseases – in addition to assist to stop worker sickness in lots of different dog food production crops. But that didn’t occur. Plant closed, the investigation ended.

NIOSH printed a last record at the inspection – Click Here to learn that record.


The above is only some items of greater than 1,000 pages won from one govt company (NIOSH). Many extra pages to piece in combination, Three different govt company paperwork to move via. Numerous former staff (now not a part of the lawsuit) and witnesses are serving to me put the items in combination. More quickly.


Wishing you and your puppy(s) the most efficient,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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