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We are dealing with a firehose. Data spews at us from all angles, inundating us with concepts, tradition, and creativity. We produce terabytes of knowledge a yr, converting the sector as we are aware of it. We are probably the most culturally-aware generations in life.

Or are we?

An fascinating fresh submit on Marginal Revolution submit offers mislead the concept that the sector is transferring quicker than ever. In truth, they suggest that we’re transferring extra slowly as a result of our brains, doused in knowledge day-to-day, are exhausted. Culture does now not transfer as rapid because it as soon as did and we’re poorer for it.

“I’m writing because there’s an another example of American complacency that’s only come to light in recent weeks,” writes an MR reader, Jesse Rifkin. Rifkin continues:

The numbers again this up. In truth, all the longest-running songs at the Top 10 seemed in a minimum of the previous decade, from Imagine Dragons (87 weeks) to 62 weeks for “Ho Hey.” Only LeAnn Rimes rated within the best working with a track from 1998.

There are two elements at paintings right here, I feel. Billboard counts gross sales and radio performs. We can think that the radio, a medium this is rather moribund in relation to cultural relevance, performs those best ten songs as a result of those songs are at the best ten. This virtuous circle forces Ed Sheeran up the charts week after week although we’re all just about executed with that track about consuming Chinese meals and going to mattress.

Further, there’s this type of lengthy tail now that the highest ten hardly ever issues. SoundCloud isn’t going into chapter 11 as a result of it’s devoid of content material. Instead, new acts unload their stuff at the carrier and acquire recognition, thereby racking up server charges for SoundCloud that it can not sanely recoup.

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