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This week at Paste, we had career-defining releases from pop-punks Melkbelly and country famous person Margo Price (above) on heavy rotation, although the euphoria in the ones great knowledge was tempered in the course of the painful loss of Tragically Hip frontman Gord Downie to maximum cancers. We took some solace inside the great songs we we heard, along side new tracks from MGMT and Destroyer, along with inside the inspiring Paste Studio performances via Noah Gundersen, Weaves and The Toadies. Catch up with our favorite albums, songs, live performances and feature stories of the former five days.


Melkbelly: Nothing Valley

This is the fun segment, when a promising band seems to emerge utterly formed, from out of nowhere, with a super debut album. Consider Melkbelly, the affably disruptive Chicago quartet of singer-guitarist Miranda Winters, guitarist Bart Winters (her husband), bassist Liam Winters (his brother) and drummer James Wetzel. Cramming what is going to should be an unworkable heap of concepts and sounds proper right into a deliciously volatile 35 minutes, Nothing Valley is a bracing mixture of scraping noise and comfortable melody, no longer no longer just like the recipe used by Speedy Ortiz. —Jon Young

Margo Price: All American Made

Country famous person Margo Price has at all times toed the street between diving backward into country track’s canon and ushering an leading edge longer term for the manner. Luckily, she’s able to do each and every on her don’t-you-dare-call-it-a-slump sophomore unlock. All American Made. Vocally, she nevertheless pays homage to the country foremothers to whom she’s oft compared, like Dolly Parton and Loretta Lynn. Looking ahead, alternatively, Price expands her musical horizons earlier the cliché of three-chords and the truth. Her voice sounds stronger, additional confident than on her wily, ragged debut, and her backing musicians be in agreement assemble a versatile foundation for her croons and screams. —Hilary Saunders

Chelsea Wolfe: Hiss Spun

For years, it’s been clear that Chelsea Wolfe is a mega-talent with major musical ambitions. You can pay attention it inside the construction of her full-length albums. On 2010’s The Grime and the Glow, she created a in particular dark power of other people track in excellent lo-fi. The next 12 months, she upped each and every the drama and the producing price on Apokalypsis. And then, for 2013’s Pain Is Beauty and 2015’s Abyss, she began introducing additional virtual and noise portions. On Hiss Spun, Wolfe’s songs are as heavy and melodic and odd and magical as ever. —Ben Salmon


MGMT: ‘Little Dark Age’

MGMT have been teasing their new album for over a 12 months now. Back in June, Andrew VanWyngarden and Ben Goldwasser presented that the follow-up to their self-titled 2013 album was finished, and it even had a reputation: Little Dark Age. On Tuesday, they unveiled the principle single and title practice, at the side of a video directed via David MacNutt and Nathaniel Axel. “Little Dark Age” is a stark blast of percussive synths that opens up proper right into a melodic chorus, showing that MGMT haven’t out of place a step. —Matthew Oshinsky

Destroyer: ‘Cover From the Sun’

Destroyer’s drawing near LP ken is one of the albums we’re most keen about for October. After releasing “Sky’s Grey” and “Tinseltown Swimming in Blood,” Dan Bejar’s newest single, “Cover From the Sun,” kicks it up a notch, shattering the preconceived gloom that the album hinted at. It’s an upbeat rocker, replete with guitar, tambourine and drums. Contextually, the tune may be a departure from the abstract lyrics that constitute most of Bejar’s track. —Lisa Nguyen

Melange: ‘Cotard’

Though the Spanish quintet known as Melange have been spherical for a couple of years, they’re excellent getting presented to American audiences now. Their excellent soup of psych, prog and other folks influences recall bands like Dungen and Wolf People. Not for no longer the rest has this band named itself after the so much sought-after spice in Frank Herbert’s Dune, which let you travel through space and be told minds. The sprawling “Cotard” is a travel well price taking. —Robert Ham


Noah Gundersen

Two years after the release of his extraordinarily acclaimed LP Carry the Ghost, Seattle native Noah Gundersen returned with the beautiful White Noise on Sept. 22, 2017. Watch Gunderson and his band play the pretty ballad “Bad Desire” proper right here.


Weaves introduced their 2d album, Wide Open, earlier this month, and it’s a huge step forward for the Toronto four-piece. With blasts of Americana, indie rock, punk, and noise rock all tied in conjunction with Jasmyn Burke’s uniqe alto, Wide Open is destined for best-of lists via 12 months’s end. Here’s “Walkaway.”

The Toadies

The Lower Side of Uptown marks The Toadies’ seventh studio album and a “return to form,” consistent with frontman Vaden Todd Lewis: “This album is roots Toadies, full of riffs and time shifts,” he says. Watch the band play “I Put a Spell on You.”


The 50 Best Protest Songs of All Time

It’s been discussed that track can change the world. Some would perhaps denounce that as exaggeration, on the other hand at minimum, track does have the ability to stir emotions and produce attention to worthy causes. Over the a very long time, protest songs have led one of the simplest ways, offering an excellent and passionate testimony to those suffering, while urging listeners to lend strengthen and concord in response. the ones attempting events, we’ve attempted to distill a couple of of those superb protest songs of all time, so listed here are 50 that have impacted our collective consciousness. —Hilary Saunders and Lee Zimmerman

How TV Became Ground Zero for the Best New Music

The categories at this 12 months’s Emmy Awards built-in at least one new addition: Outstanding Music Supervision. Though it’s no longer probably the most the most important major honors handed out inside the glitzy live spectacle, the statuette is a longer overdue acknowledgment of the way essential track supervisors have turn into to the nice fortune of TV displays, and to the careers of the musicians who end up on the soundtrack. The track being decided on for the series is getting this sort of buzz that the songs are being compiled on albums and Spotify playlists with loads of fanatics. —Robert Ham

Music Collectors Talk About Why They Still Bother inside the 21st Century

Two generations previously, a “record collection” was in reality merely that. But in the past 30 years or so, the method of gathering track have grown exponentially, with new technologies offering collectors additional alternatives than milk cartons filled with LPs or teetering CD towers. Physically gathering track is now thought to be decidedly old-school. On the other hand, product sales of vinyl knowledge a 25-year best in 2016, with more than 3.2 million LPs purchased. What is it that compels a track lover inside the 21st century to stick buying vinyl, or CDs, or cassettes, or any construction that takes up space? Is there something inherently valuable a couple of physically piece of track? —Lee Zimmerman

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