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The self-titled debut peaks with stories of frequently combat like “Saturday AM” about “trying to get with a gal with a different schedule than you”; and in quest of to take a “Sick Day” when it’s now not about physically smartly being then again having some sense of freedom in the course of the week’s grind.
Dietzel swings and romps by way of the ones backyard BBQ-tasty tracks in conjunction with his sparsely determined on team of workers, that incorporates pedal steel player Paul Brainard (of The Sadies, Richmond Fontaine, Alejandro Escovedo); Arthur Parker (bass, Love Gigantic, Nowhere Band); Anders Bergstrom (drums, Climber, Little Beirut), Michael Nelson (keyboardist, Climber); and with guitars and production by way of the legendary Chet Lyster (Jayhawks, Eels, Lucinda Williams).
His track partner Nick Peets did the selecting, and produced the affair, allowing the singer/songwriter an opportunity to tap into the depression joys he professional being attentive to Gram Parsons, Buck Owens, and Merle Haggard on the radio. Thomas was operating at a pizza place at the time, having surrender his product sales task for an environmental consulting company, and the lyrics for the album had been maximum usually written while he was using spherical delivering pizzas or operating at the consuming position. “I was extremely high on weed coconut butter during this period, as I had obtained an enormous quantity of it in a manner I can relate some other time. So I would drive around and sort of visualize the songs and work on the lyrics that way, high as fuck.” Though he was raised thinking about C&W was uncool, he came around in allowing it to specific himself the angst he felt shedding the relationship that fuels key tracks “Jesus and Jack” (a woozy and lovely Fall break up anthem) and the title-sells-it-all “Falling Down.” “Writing country songs seemed to be much more like writing sonnets while rock music was like being expected to write free verse all the time,” Dietzel explains. “Advance or die! But country track was fun. They had been part of a practice. Rock musicians weren’t part of the remainder, now not anymore. I wanted to be built-in, to be part of something.”

-Myra Ivy


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