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Natural Gas Potential Assessed In Eastern Mediterranean

An estimated 122 trillion cubic toes (tcf) (imply estimate) of undiscovered, technically recoverable herbal gasoline are within the Levant Basin Province, situated within the Eastern Mediterranean area

Technically recoverable sources are the ones producible the use of lately to be had era and business practices.

This is the primary U.S. Geological Survey review of this basin to spot probably extractable sources.

“The Levant Basin Province is comparable to some of the other large provinces around the world and its gas resources are bigger than anything we have assessed in the United States,” mentioned USGS Energy Resources Program Coordinator Brenda Pierce. “This assessment furthers our understanding of the world’s energy potential, helping inform policy and decision makers in making decisions about future energy supplies.”

Natural gasoline is used for quite a lot of functions, essentially for electrical energy technology, business, residential, and industrial sectors.

Worldwide intake and manufacturing of herbal gasoline used to be 110 tcf in 2008, consistent with the Energy Information Administration. The 3 greatest eating nations have been the United States with 23 tcf, Russia with 17 tcf, and Iran with four tcf of herbal gasoline in line with 12 months in 2008.

Russia’s West Siberian Basin is every other huge herbal gasoline province with an estimated 643 tcf. The Middle East and North Africa area additionally has a number of huge provinces, which come with the Rub Al Khali Basin with 426 tcf, the Greater Ghawar Uplift with 227 tcf, and the Zagros Fold Belt with 212 tcf.


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