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Neighbor Facing Animal Torture Charges After Dog Dies

Three days sooner than he needed to be euthanized, Jim Stotts and his spouse spotted their 14-year previous canine, Nibbles changing into very sick.

Stotts informed WLKY News“He couldn’t eat, couldn’t drink. He tried to drink; every time he went to the water bowl, he’d throw up in it. He was in agony. He’d lay down, look up at me, crawl towards me; you could tell he was in serious pain.”

Their veterinarian discovered a big blockage simply out of doors of Nibbles’ abdomen. Unable to find the money for the in depth surgical operation and remedy, the circle of relatives was once compelled to mention good-bye to their senior canine.

On the similar day that Nibbles handed, Stott was once in his yard with their different canine, Bolt. He stopped Bolt from chewing on one thing he’d discovered within the yard. When Stott were given a better have a look at what Bolt was once seeking to consume, he was once surprised.

“What it was, was Canadian bacon that had been cut in half with broken pieces of razor blade stuffed in the straight side, into it. I found three pieces. The fourth one was the one Nibbles got.”

When police puzzled neighbors, 60-year previous Robert Hamme admitted to throwing the beef and razor blades over the fence.

“He wanted to kill the dogs, exactly. He knew what he was doing. It was just an evil act. There’s no sense or rhyme or reason or justification for doing something like this.”

The Stotts instantly pressed fees. Hamme is going through one criminal and two misdemeanor animal torture fees.

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