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The Otterhound is a breed of huge, oblong-formed canine with a shaggy look that originated in England. It belongs to the hound breed circle of relatives which is notable for his or her remarkable looking talents emphasised by way of their remarkable scenting energy, velocity, and or stamina. Otterhounds had been firstly bred to seek otters, however were not too long ago change into extra like of an attractive circle of relatives better half. Their climate-resistant double coat is oily, tough, and dense out of doors, and cushy beneath. They are available in any coat colour most often wheaten or grizzle with some black markings.

Height and Weight

Both the female and male individuals of the Otterhound breed usually stand a peak of 24 to 26 in on the withers, and weigh between 66 to 115 lbs.


Otterhounds, usually, are animated, extremely spirited, and fearless canines. They are pleasant, loving, and trustworthy towards their circle of relatives house owners. The breed is pleasant to each youngsters and adults, and so they bond smartly with different canines and family pets. But on account of their robust looking instincts, Otterhounds are hardly ever relied on with small, non-dog animals. These huge canines are clever and affectionate, although coaching them might require persistence. Since they weren’t bred as pets by way of custom, the breed isn’t regarded as to be one of the vital responsive breeds. Additionally, Otterhounds want a company but mild proprietor who can also be show constant management over them. Otherwise, the canines will change into willful and dominant. They make quiet partners as they don’t bark excessively. Nonetheless, Otterhounds love to bay and roam. The breed loves the water and is a smart swimmer.


Otterhound canines must be groomed on a weekly foundation. The lengthy hair close to their mouth additionally calls for widespread cleansing. Careful combing is also had to take care of the great situation in their thick coat that has a tendency to mat. Handlers are inspired to trim the hair across the paws to stay them from gathering grime and dirt.

Health Concerns

Otterhounds are most often a wholesome and hardy breed. In truth, they have got a mean lifespan of 10 to 13 years. Nevertheless, like some other dog, the breed could also be susceptible to a couple of well being problems. These come with CTD, CHD, hip and elbow dysplasia, blood dysfunction, and gastric torsion.

Best Environment

Members of the Otterhound breed is never beneficial for rental-residing. They are quite inactive indoors if given sufficient workout. The breed does very best with get right of entry to to a big, safely fenced backyard. Provided with a just right safe haven, Otterhounds can sleep outside in both heat or cool climates. Involving them in quite a lot of circle of relatives actions will make those canines satisfied. Additionally, the breed enjoys taking part in and swimming.

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