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Puppy Stuffed in Backpack and Dumped in Bed of Pickup Truck

A tender pet is fortunate to be alive after he was once filled right into a backpack and deserted in the mattress of a random pickup truck.

Thankfully, the truck his abusers randomly selected belonged to an skilled canine lover who knew simply what to do.

puppy stuffed in backpack

Jerry Murray, a retired U.S. Air Force veteran, had simply gotten off paintings in Tampa, Florida and made the 35-minute pressure to his house in Brandon.

When he exited his truck and reached into the passenger aspect door for his briefcase, Murray heard a noise coming from the mattress of his truck. That’s when he seemed up and met eyes with a tiny pet filled within a backpack that were left there.

“He’s in there, he’s panting, and I see him and I’m like ‘what am I going to do?’” Murray instructed WFLA.

The pet, now named Zeus, was once zipped right into a New York Yankees backpack with simplest his head poking out. The backpack was once stuffed with shredded newspaper.

“I gave him some water, gave him some food and let him relax a little bit, ’cause I’m sure he was traumatized from the ride,” he mentioned.

The veteran, who already has 3 canine of his personal, may just now not stay the pet. So after a number of telephone calls, his spouse discovered the Second Chance Friends Rescue Group in within reach Plant City.

Once Zeus is medically cleared and neutered, he’ll be to be had for adoption via Second Chance Friends.

Murray says the domestic dog goes to make any individual more than happy, including, “He’s a very sweet dog. Didn’t make very much noise and if you love him, he’ll love you.”

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