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Purina’s Beneful Ignores Consumer Complaints

Dog homeowners national are calling for a recall of Nestlé Purina’s Beneful line of canine meals, claiming the meals has without delay resulted within the sickness and/or dying of masses of loved pets.

Aside from being nutritionally unsound, filled with corn-based fillers and by-products confirmed to be bad and useless in a canine’s nutrition, customers are reporting quite a lot of sicknesses starting from vomiting and diarrhea to bacterial infections, liver and kidney failure, or even dying after consuming the preferred kibble.

Instead of addressing the troubles and questions from masses of perplexed, involved, and continuously indignant customers via their Beneful Facebook web page, the pet food large has as an alternative beefed up their social media moderation, deleting feedback, banning customers that put up court cases or footage in their loved pets, and posting canned responses claiming the standard and integrity in their merchandise and urging puppy oldsters to feed their pets Beneful with whole self belief.

Nestlé Purina spokesperson Keith Schopp advised MSN News that the net postings “contain false and misleading allegations and cause undue concern and confusion among consumers.” He persisted, “There are no known product issues with Beneful dog food. Consumers can continue to feed Beneful to their pets with total confidence.”

In reaction to Facebook feedback and posts, moderators are replying with canned responses echoing the ones of Schopp above.

One devastated puppy proprietor named Jodi wrote to Beneful, “My dog has ate beneful for his whole life of four years and recently diagnosed with chronic kidney failer and I have researched and discovered beneful uses substances found in anti freeze that slowly causes kidney and liver failer due to the toxins I would like to thank you for killing my lil puppy that I loved at the young age of four :(”

Beneful replied, “We’re sorry to learn of your loss, Jodi. We’d like to know more about your situation. Please give our team a call Monday at 800-877-7551. We look forward to speaking with you. Thank you.”

Since Jodi’s put up, masses extra have made an identical claims to Beneful, difficult solutions, in search of the producer to take some duty and examine the claims made in opposition to them. For each and every one among masses of an identical client feedback, Beneful’s reaction has been the similar. A easy copied & pasted canned reaction that best turns out to gasoline the hearth.

Sound acquainted?

For the previous five years, Nestle Purina was once beneath the similar client scrutiny for his or her Canyon Creek Ranch and Waggin’ Train rooster jerky treats imported from China. Until the recall of those merchandise in January, Purina’s customer support crew equipped customers with just about equivalent responses to these they’re giving Beneful consumers now.

Despite persisted client court cases and Purina’s insisting that their rooster jerky merchandise had been secure, the treats had been discovered to comprise lines of unlawful antibiotic drug residue and had been sooner or later pulled from retailer cabinets.

Will Purina’s Beneful line of goods face the similar destiny?

The Dogington Post reached out the the Food & Drug Administration, with issues about what seems to be a loss of motion or passion within the court cases in opposition to Beneful. The FDA admitted that they’ve gained “some” court cases about Beneful and are “looking into the situation.” The FDA could also be urging customers to document any issues related to the preferred pet food by way of visiting the FDA’s on-line Safety Reporting Portal. To put up a grievance, click on right here.

Additionally, If you consider that your canine has been suffering from Purina’s Beneful emblem pet food – in both a detrimental or sure means, please sign up for the Facebook team, “Is Beneful Killing or Sickening Dogs” by way of clicking right here. Since the crowd was once created a couple of months in the past, over 1,000 participants are already sharing tales, accumulating knowledge and veterinary studies, and drawing media consideration to their purpose. As Beneful continues to forget about client questions and issues, the crowd continues to develop.

A member of the crowd advised us, “We are mostly refugees from the Purina Beneful Facebook site, banned because we started asking questions. Is it a problem with Aflatoxins from moldy corn? Is it a problem with Organosphosphates? Could this be linked to Monsanto’s GMO grain which is sprayed with Round-up, an Organophosphate? Is it a problem with Pentobarbitol poisoning? Pentobarbitol is found when euthanized animals are used in rendering… a huge problem in Spanish pet food right now. Is it due to the low nutritional quality? The use of synthetic and controversial Vitamin K as menadione? Or maybe there is more than one factor at work here?”

It’s transparent that we will be able to’t all the time depend at the integrity of producers, or at the timeliness of an FDA investigation to stay our bushy circle of relatives out of injury’s means. Find a pet food producer that places the well being and protection of your pets at the leading edge in their corporate undertaking, supplies whole transparency with regard to sourcing, dealing with, and processing in their meals, and makes use of species-appropriate elements, now not reasonable fillers, by-products, and chemical compounds.




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