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Put an End to Rock Eating

First off, a consult with to the vet is at all times a good suggestion. If he will get a blank invoice of well being then we’d like to center of attention on converting his conduct and his motivation for rock consuming.  Since a pet makes use of his mouth as an tool to discover his global. If he’s confined to a barren backyard with little environmental stimulation, and if the one factor he has to bite on is rocks then that would possibly give an explanation for his compulsion for them.

The first order of industrial is a step you may have already got to work on which is to restrict his get admission to to rocks. Fencing off a small grassy house and brushing the world with a lawn rake will have to do away with maximum if no longer the entire rocks. You can then use the grassy house as a secure coaching zone to lend a hand exchange his motivation.

Now the thrill section! Take quite a lot of toys and easily play with him so he learns there are options to rocks. Simple environmental enrichment can every so often cause them to put out of your mind all about their previous conduct.

After a pair weeks, we’d like to see if it’s going to be secure to permit him to have get admission to to puts the place rocks are to be had. To do that, upload a rock to the grassy house this is too massive to pick out up or swallow however nonetheless has aspects the place he can mouth it.

If he makes a beeline for the rock, ensure that he is aware of this isn’t applicable conduct, however praise and reward him on every occasion he alternatives up a favourite toy as a substitute. He will regularly get bored within the rock. If he wishes additional encouragement, then spraying the rock with sour apple or sour orange or a an identical noxious however non-toxic product too can lend a hand discourage the conduct right through this era.


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