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Real Life Idiotic Reasons People Have Abandoned Their Dogs


There are a couple of unavoidable and unlucky cases that lead to other folks having no selection however to rehome or give up their canine.

Sadly, a overwhelming majority of excuses are shameful, ridiculous, or downright idiotic.

A canine is part of the circle of relatives, to be cherished and beloved on a daily basis of his or her lifestyles. A canine isn’t a toy to be performed with a couple of occasions after which tossed when it’s now not contemporary and new anymore.

These are simply some of the ridiculous real-life causes other folks have deserted their canine.

“I don’t like the way he looks at me.”
A lady surrendered her Four-month outdated Pit Bull pet to a safe haven as a result of she felt uncomfortable with the best way he used to be looking at her. He had by no means growled, bitten, or another way proven any indicators of aggression.

“He sheds too much.”
When a Golden Retriever blend used to be surendered because of his over the top losing, safe haven employees discovered that he used to be coated in scars and nicks from being repeatedly shaved. The canine used to be, in consequence, very fearful of clippers and feared being groomed.

“The dog doesn’t match the new carpeting.”
A circle of relatives recarpeted their house after which dumped their canine for the reason that fur she used to be losing stood out an excessive amount of in opposition to the colour of the carpet.

“He’s old and no fun anymore. I want a puppy instead.”
When a senior canine used to be left at a safe haven, his earlier homeowners defined that the canine used to be too outdated and too gradual. They sought after to business him in for a more moderen, more youthful type.

“She keeps peeing in the house and not on the puppy pads.”
This canine didn’t have any scientific problems that brought about her to urinate indoors. She merely lacked coaching. Her proprietor assumed that each one she had to do used to be put down a pet pad and the canine would by no means have some other twist of fate once more and would magically start to “go” outside. Within only some weeks at her new house, with right kind coaching she used to be going potty outside.

“He won’t stay out of the trash.”
A majority of proprietor give up instances are behavioral, and maximum of the ones because of loss of coaching. This canine proprietor didn’t trouble to each teach his canine, or to place the trash the place he couldn’t succeed in it.

“Her hair keeps getting knotted and I can’t afford to go to the groomer every week.”
When this circle of relatives went searching for a brand new pet, they picked the lovable Pomeranian pet at their native puppy retailer. They selected the canine based totally only on her appears, now not as soon as taking the time to be informed extra about her breed and what well being, way of life, and grooming necessities would want to be met.

“He’s sick and I can’t afford to go to the vet.”
A unwell little Lab-mix used to be surrendered to the safe haven the place he used to be handled and temporarily recovered. His remedy would had been an affordable veterinary consult with and a spherical of antibiotics, lots of which might be stuffed at no cost at sure pharmacies. His proprietor had by no means afflicted to even make a telephone name and didn’t have a number one veterinarian. It’s now not identified whether or not he’d ever won any vaccinations.

“Now that he’s not a puppy, he’s not as cute.”
This canine used to be simplest a few 12 months outdated when he used to be surrendered. His homeowners had stored him during the lovable pet level and when he started to appear to be an grownup canine, dumped him.

“My new boyfriend doesn’t like him.”
Wonder if the brand new boyfriend is as dependable, loving, and dedicated to her as her canine used to be earlier than she deserted him.

“I don’t want a gay dog.”
A person surrendered his Bulldog blend as a result of, as he claimed, the canine used to be homosexual and wouldn’t forestall humping different male canine. Upon give up, he asked the canine be euthanized. The safe haven didn’t euthanize the canine and he used to be positioned in a loving house with a human that understands canine habits.

The checklist of absurd excuses can pass on perpetually and can keep growing till other folks understand that canine are a life-time dedication.

What are one of the most maximum idiotic excuses you’ve heard for dumping a canine?

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