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Researcher Emilio Ferrara talks about the rise of fake news and botnets

Emilio Ferrara has been pondering about botnets for over a decade. As the first social networks climbed out of the mire, he spotted that they had been really easy to recreation. Now, it kind of feels, all of the ones early equipment have in the end been weaponized.

I spoke to Ferrara about his analysis paintings in addition to his interesting learn about that discovered that Twitter bots can be utilized for excellent. In this episode of Technopia we talk about the rise of botnets and how they may be able to be became towards those that would use them for hurt.

“We found that bots can be used to run interventions on social media that trigger or foster good behaviors,” stated Ferrara. “This milestone shatters a long-held belief that ideas spread like an infectious disease, or contagion, with each exposure resulting in the same probability of infection. Now we have seen empirically that when you are exposed to a given piece of information multiple times, your chances of adopting this information increase every time.”

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