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So why oh why is Twitter doing #280?

Late the day gone by Twitter introduced the unthinkable for time-pressed reporters in every single place by means of revealing it is trying out doubling the nature period of tweets.

Farewell candy brevity of 140chars. Hello unnecessary additional blah-blah-blah #280.

But why oh why is Twitter doing this?

“In all markets, when people don’t have to cram their thoughts into 140 characters and actually have some to spare, we see more people tweeting,” wrote product supervisor, Aliza Rosen, in a slightly wordy weblog publish explainer in regards to the transfer — which even integrated a graph!

Though no longer a graph of Twitter’s consumer expansion no longer rising.

(Here, I fastened Rosen’s rationalization to suit it in a ways fewer characters: ‘We’re seeking to repair our expansion drawback.’)

While Rosen mentioned Twitter in need of “every person around the world to easily express themselves on Twitter”, there used to be no explicit dialogue about how Twitter’s 140 constraint could be exacerbating problematic speech within the public area.

By, for instance, turning nuanced dialogue into polarized arguments and irascible abuse. Or “shouty crap” as a colleague extra concisely put it.

(Also no longer in Rosen’s publish: Any graphs detailing Twitter’s drawback with abusive conduct on its platform.)

But even though Twitter didn’t need to explicitly talk about the issue of trolls and bullies on its platform, it can be hoping the growth to 280 characters encourages other people to tweet much less, smartly, “shouty crap”.

Which is certainly an opportunity. Though there is additionally the flip-side chance that — for instance — the present president of the U.S. will simply get double the quantity of newsworthy tweet house with which to threaten nuclear annihilation.

Or, to place it otherwise…

Whether Trump, with 280 characters locked and loaded, will unexpectedly lose the urge to tweet at “Rocket Boy” (10chars) — and as a substitute really feel moved to deal with the “Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea and supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea” (103chars) does appear slightly not likely although.

So positive, the case for 280 posits there’s no less than a chance for nuance to exist within a (double-sized) tweet. But the con says that in point of fact relies on who’s doing the tweeting.

(Or the ‘ttwweeeettiinngg’ because it must in point of fact now be termed.)

Here’s my TC colleague Josh Constine demonstrating the way it’s completely conceivable to suit numerous prime quality knowledge into Twitter’s current 140 personality prohibit with out shouting and/or being another way tactless/rude.

Ergo, it ain’t tweet dimension that issues Twitter — it’s what you do with the characters that counts.

But without reference to whether or not 280 characters leads to a much wider evolution of tone on Twitter — and with regards to Trump, when/if he will get passed the nuclear codes to #280, to a brand new deal on international relations and a much less destablized geopolitical global (we will be able to however hope!) — @Jack & co can no less than console themselves that advertisers will to find a lot of makes use of for all of the additional advertising actual property Twitter is going to be giving them.

See for e.g.

So, from Twitter’s perspective no less than, there are an even few doable professionals stacking up beneath the ‘let’s kill the tweet’ nuclear choice, along their major worry right here: Trying to soothe buyers.

Pros like being much less prone to be blamed for a very concise tweet triggering nuclear conflict.

While disrupting the workflow of the (small) hardcore of customers who depend on Twitter to be a reliably dense and in large part self-manageable virtual knowledge community in an increasingly more incorrect information saturated and algorithmically managed global is obviously a lesser attention.

And at this level within the all of a sudden escalating tale of social media’s affect on democracy and society who, certainly, can blame them.

Even if extra social media doesn’t vital sound like a super strategy to issues being exacerbated by means of social media. Whatever the social media giants say.

Tech tweets on #280

Below is a taste of critiques on Twitter’s #280 experiment surfaced from the tech house — which runs a sexy complete gamut of perspectives on mega tweets — from supportive (and/or sarcastic) to detached to excited to horrified to snarky to inventive to essential to navel-gazing to, smartly, hopeful that the alternate may in spite of everything wreck the addictive spell of Twitter…

Can’t look forward to #bringback140.


Featured Image: Bryce Durbin

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