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Teacup Cats & Kittens – What You need to Know

Teacup cats are becoming more popular, as are their brief-legged family the Munchkins. They aren’t all the time identified breeds and are in many ways are very arguable…however very lovely.




Teacup cats are cats and Munchkins were bred to be smaller than same old. They are available in a couple of other types and are undeniably lovely. But, sooner than you bounce in there are a couple of vital issues to find out about those stunning little pussycats. Firstly, if you’re bearing in mind getting a teacup puppy, do your analysis and you should definitely improve the business and this general development, the use of in lots of circumstances extensive ‘line breeding’. Munchkins are necessarily a cat with a significant gene mutation and critics have their considerations in regards to the different similar well being results. When taking a look at a few of these more recent breeds, you need to you should definitely are getting what you had been promised, won’t have to lay our a fortune in vet expenses and that the breeder you’re the use of is taking a look after the welfare of the animals beneath their care.

Munchkin cats and different dwarfs

Munchkins at the moment are a identified small breed cat, having been bred for the reason that 1980’s. They are a dwarf cat with shorter, thicker legs. Essentially they have got a expansion situation referred to as achondrodysplastic dwarfism, however also known as chondrodysplasia, or hypochondrodysplasia as it isn’t precisely the similar because the dwarfism that happens in different species. The trait is from a gene mutation this is autosomal dominant. If two Munchkins are bred in combination the gene is deadly, so Munchkins are all the time outcrossed to different breeds and roughly 50% of the clutter is brief-legged. There are quite a lot of outcrosses that experience led to different dwarf breeds, incessantly with cute names just like the Bambino which is a move between the Munchkin and the Sphynx.



Teacups are quite other from Munchkins. They are necessarily smaller in each and every method, but additionally happen via probability mutations. Unfortunately there was extra inbreeding throughout the teacup breeds, which will increase the danger of different genetic illnesses happening. Exactly why we shouldn’t marry our siblings or cousins! This tiny cat has been popularized via Kim Kardashian, who has a Teacup Persian named “Mercy”. Teacups at the moment are discovered inside of many various breeds, however aren’t officially identified as their very own breed.


Teacup or runt?

Unfortunately as a result of there is not any exact formal popularity of the teacup breeds, there may be some beautiful unscrupulous behaviour occurring when promoting teacups. Because they’re merely smaller than standard kittens, the runt of the clutter, a poorly nourished kitten or just a sickly kitten can simply be handed off as a teacup kitten. When those kittens incessantly opt for $2000 each and every and on occasion considerably extra, you need to you should definitely get a pleasant wholesome cat! A cat that’s the sufferer of inbreeding, or has in fact been malnourished to stunt its expansion is in all probability to price you a vital quantity in vet expenses and feature a shortened existence span.

Common well being issues of teacup cats

  • Misshapen bones that in the end purpose ache, deformities and osteoarthritis
  • Heart illness
  • Seizures and neurological indicators
  • Shortened existence-spans
  • Blindness
  • Polycystic kidney illness

Warning indicators of unscrupulous breeders

As with any acquire, do your analysis. Breeders who run their amenities like a pet farm, don’t have any deal with the welfare in their cats and move off dangerous runts as teacup cats for extortionate bills must be simple to spot with a couple of guidelines. Some caution indicators are:

  • A breeder that refuses to can help you see the fogeys or the house the place the cats are born.
  • A breeder who advertises on Craigslist, Gumtree or equivalent and makes excuses as to why you need to submit cash and feature a puppy delivered to you with out seeing the place it comes from.
  • A kitten being offered for a reduced rate- if it kind of feels too just right to be true…
  • Good breeders will be certain you are going to give their loved cats a just right house and are very discerning.
  • Most breeders will be certain the kitten is desexed prior to sale to give protection to their blood-strains.
  • A breeder who all the time has kittens to be had must ring alarm bells. Most moral breeders prohibit the numbers of cats and litters they have got, so may have lengthy wait-lists for sought-after breeds.
  • A cat offered with out micro-chipping, flea, worming and vaccination is not going to be from someplace respected.

Additional guidelines

Make positive whilst you purchase a posh cat that you just believe puppy insurance coverage, and ensure the insurance coverage corporate covers genetic issues.

Take the kitten to your vet for a well being test inside of 72 hours of acquire, that method you’ll verify whether or not you have got been offered an issue cat or a cat that isn’t what it was once promised to be.

Make positive the micro-chipping main points are up to date and the chip is operating, in particular when you’ve simply paid $2000 for this cat, you don’t need to lose it!

Dr Eloise Bright
Dr Eloise Bright

Dr Eloise is a Clinical Lead at Love That Pet and certainly one of our resident puppy care professionals. She additionally curates the choose vary of vet really helpful and authorized merchandise which function on our web site.

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