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The Bricker project aims at significantly boosting the energy efficiency of working buildings by combining passive and active technologies

There is not anything like the actual global to expose a project’s true value. This is why a project known as BRICKER will take a look at its mettle out by retrofitting public buildings located in 3 other international locations in 3 other climatic zones. The objective: to significantly spice up the energy efficiency of those working buildings by combining passive and active technologies in a machine that may be rolled out throughout Europe.

The project is to take on retrofitting of administrative workplaces in Extremadura, Spain; an engineering faculty construction in Liège, Belgium; and section of a school health center in Aydin, Turkey. A go back on the retrofit is predicted in round seven years. “After retrofitting, we expect to have the same comfort levels in the building, using 50% less energy,” says Yunus Çengel, dean of the college of engineering at the Adnan Menderes University in Aydin. 

In the Turkish show off, the plan is to set up sun motion pictures on east- and west-facing home windows and sun sun shades on south-facing home windows in summer season to cut back the energy thirsty air-conditioning load. Heat exchangers that let incoming chilly air to be preheated by outgoing stale heated air, with out blending, can be put in. 

The first degree is to observe the present construction. But new technologies, like the sun powered heating, cooling and electric era machine, will then be put in and their affect assessed. 

In their extra northerly clime, Belgian high-school construction blocks can be upgraded to higher cling onto energy; this can be finished by insulating with a polyisocyanurate inflexible foam (PIR) that accommodates “phase-changing materials” – those can adsorb and retailer thermal energy which its construction adjustments. 

“Simulations suggest that a five centimeter-thick PIR-insulation could reduce the thermal transmission factor ten-fold, and thus limit heat loss. After the reconditioning of the building, the walls and the roofs are expected to achieve a thermal transmission factor further cut by a third,” says Raymond Charlier, commercial engineering knowledgeable hooked up to the Liège Provincial Building Service, who spoke to youris about the demanding situations which retrofitting faces.

In the Belgian show off, double-glazing with integrated sun protecting layer will exchange monolayer glass home windows in the college – representing a four-fold energy efficiency acquire. The college construction is predicted to transport from an E magnificence energy stage to a B magnificence, with financial savings in electrical energy and herbal fuel and discounts in greenhouse fuel emissions.

The 3rd project can be in Spain, with the focal point on an administrative construction of the Regional Government of Extremadura.  Here, the emphasis is on sun and biomass technologies. Therefore, best active energy saving measures can be carried out to what’s a rather new construction with excellent passive behaviour.

“The project is composed of integrating Parabolic Trough Solar Collectors (PTC), a biomass boiler, a warmth and electrical energy cogeneration unit in keeping with Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC), an adsorption chiller and a cooling tower,” explains Noemí Jiménez, commercial engineer at CEMOSA, an organization that specialises in the find out about of fabrics and construction keep an eye on. “The PTC and the biomass boiler will produce hot oil that will feed the ORC unit. The ORC unit will produce electricity as well as hot water.”

Solar parabolic creditors monitor the solar and focal point daylight on a tube, heating fluid within as much as 300 levels Celsius. The Rankine cycle is in keeping with a mathematical style this is used to are expecting the efficiency of steam engines. The merit of such ORC thermally activated cooling is that it harnesses waste warmth this is then used for cooling. These leading edge technologies are offered right here on the project website online.

The Spanish wing of the project faces two primary demanding situations. First, it combines technologies that experience by no means ahead of been used in combination. Second, it integrates those technologies into an present public construction. And like the different tasks, the retrofit will have to paintings round an occupied public construction. 

“One of the projects incorporated inside the framework of the project is the drafting of a replication plan. It contains an analysis of the attainable for replication of different executive buildings in Extremadura,” explains Carolina Grau, normal director of business and energy at the Agriculture, Rural Development, Environment and Energy Council of the Government of Extremadura.

Energy intake in the non-residential sector is in most cases round 40% upper than in the residential sector in Europe, so there may be lots of scope for development. A significant objective of the project is to refine its approaches in order that they are able to be carried out to different public buildings round Europe. The attainable replication is 1 in 314 buildings in Belgium and Spain by myself. 

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