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The Magic Behind the Clicker: The Basics

What is a clicker anyway? The clicker is a device like some other coaching software, except for that it’s magical. To be efficient with it, you need to learn to use it neatly. The 3 crucial ideas to grasp in clicker coaching are timing, standards and charge of reinforcement. If you could have any issues on your coaching, it may be traced again to issues in the sort of spaces.

The fundamentals in the back of clicker coaching are moderately easy. The canine does a conduct, you take a look at mark it with the clicker, and then you definately enhance the conduct with a meals reinforcement. Behavior this is bolstered has a tendency to extend, so you are going to see extra of that conduct. It’s that easy. What is reinforcement? Reinforcement is one thing the canine will paintings for. Food is simple to dispense, takes little time to eat and is one thing maximum canines need.

  1. Food is a number one reinforcer (for all species), and meals is one thing the canine inherently values and wishes and can paintings to get or stay. Other reinforcements are water, freedom, play, sleep and contact, and can range from canine to canine. The most effective factor that issues is whether or not your canine will paintings for what you’re providing.


  1. The clicker is a secondary reinforcer, additionally is aware of as a conditioned reinforcement or a bridge or marker. And it positive aspects price by way of being related to a number one reinforcement. When you click on after which deal with, you’re “conditioning” the click on to be a secondary reinforcer. The secondary reinforcement means that you can give your canine actual details about his conduct even if you find yourself at a distance out of your canine.


A mis-timed click on can mark a conduct solely other from what you sought after, so timing is important. The higher you’re with timing, the more straightforward and sooner it’s going to be to your canine to be told. Click just for what it’s you need.


Rate (and position) of reinforcement

While you’re instructing a brand new conduct, each and every right kind reaction (this is, each and every conduct assembly your standards will obtain a click on and reinforcement. When coaching a conduct your charge of reinforcement must be prime. (Meaning what number of rewards the canine will get in a given time period).

Figuring issues out is difficult paintings to your canine, so you need to make it price your canine’s effort.



You can’t teach in the event you don’t know what you need. Some behaviors are simple, simply click on and deal with the whole conduct (a Sit).  Complex behaviors will wish to be damaged down into small steps that glance increasingly more like the finish conduct, referred to as (shaping conduct). Being in a position to paintings in small steps is the nice benefit of clicker coaching; most of the people simply beginning out would require lend a hand to wreck down behaviors in achievable steps after which deciding as to when to transport to the subsequent step.


Warning; Trying to take giant steps too temporarily (lumping) will lead to failure. And staying too lengthy at the identical standards or step can persuade your canine it’s the ultimate conduct and make it tough to transport directly to the subsequent step. So in the event you don’t review and make adjustments as you continue, you’ll stall coaching and confuse the canine.

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