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The Scary Truth About “Free to a Good Home” Dog Classifieds

Dog house owners would possibly imply effectively after they put up “free to a good home” labeled commercials so as to rehome their canines. In reality, it can be putting the canine in critical threat.

free to a good home

Every accountable canine proprietor or puppy mum or dad is aware of that obtaining a canine is a life-long dedication. From the instant you open your center and residential to a dependable canine, you’re in it for the lengthy haul, via illness and well being, united states of americaand downs, just right and unhealthy, via snuggles at the sofa to choosing up the items of but some other pair of shredded sneakers.

Responsible canine house owners make selections with their canine in thoughts. We don’t transfer to a new domestic with out ensuring the furkids are welcomed within the new neighborhood, we don’t spend calmly with out ensuring the canine is cared for first, and, when occasions get difficult, we’ll skip a meal in order that the canine nonetheless will get his.

Unfortunately, now not all canine house owners are accountable. Close to four million canines input rescue shelters every 12 months within the United States on my own, with about 60% of those dealing with euthanasia. Shelters and animal rescues are busting on the seams as a direct results of irresponsible puppy possession.

Still, even accountable canine house owners can now and again to find themselves in search of a just right domestic for his or her cherished puppy. Unexpected cases, sickness, harm, loss of life, financial cave in. Things occur.

Because our rescues and shelters are packed complete, accountable puppy house owners have an increasingly more difficult time discovering a just right domestic for his or her pets and are turning to direct-to-consumer labeled commercials, like Craigslist or the native newspaper, pondering that they’re doing the fitting factor for his or her canine. Sometimes, a just right samaritan reveals a stray canine and, relatively than name animal regulate and chance the canine being euthanized, will submit a labeled advert to to find a new domestic.

We visited Craigslist’s puppy labeled segment and contacted a number of canine house owners providing “free to a good home” canines at the website with questions on their canines, their explanation why for re-homing them, and their resolution to use a labeled advert for his or her treasured canines. Most advertisers unnoticed us, however a few replied. Here’s what we discovered:

An army circle of relatives used to be deploying in another country and couldn’t take their pitbull-mix; a unmarried mom used to be having some other kid and may just now not come up with the money for to maintain her Catahoula-mix; some other used to be re-homing his deceased father’s cherished Beagle. Though maximum folks would to find techniques to stay our canines in every of those circumstances, none of them are in particular horrible causes to re-home an animal.

All three had been in actuality involved for the well-being in their canines and felt they had been doing the fitting factor. All three indexed their pets as “free to a good home” as a result of they didn’t need to make the most of a “sale” in their puppy, however in the end simplest sought after to to find a loving domestic for the pets they cared for. All three respondents above claimed to have contacted shelters and/or rescue teams prior to the usage of Craigslist however had been denied any assist due to overcrowding and felt they’d no different choices.

All three pulled or changed their commercials once we defined what actually occurs to “free to a good home” pets.

So, what actually occurs to “free to a good home” canines?

– Jeffrey Nally Jr. used to be charged with 29 counts of animal cruelty as a result of the huge selection of lifeless animal discovered on his West Virginia belongings. Nally had bought no less than 29 animals via “free to a good home” Craigslist commercials, identical to those we replied to.

– Patricia Hervey of Texas, is answerable for the deaths of loads of animals at her Bexar County domestic. Hervey prowled Craigslist for “free” animals, claimed to run an animal refuge close to San Antonio, took cash from canine house owners to use to re-home them, then shot and killed them, dumping their our bodies in a lake in the back of her domestic.

– Dogfighting circles use loose Craigslist canines as “bait dogs” for coaching their very own canines to battle with out risking harm, or they soak up loose canines and teach the ones to be combatants as effectively.

– Other teams, referred to as “Bunchers” scour classifieds without cost canines, then promote them to laboratories for animal analysis and experimentation.

– And, now and again, a loose advert for re-homing a purebred, unaltered canine will outcome within the former circle of relatives canine being picked up via a pet mill breeder to spend the remainder of her existence as a caged, malnourished, unloved breeding device.

The folks taking a look in particular for “free to a good home” canines will cross to nice lengths to seem legitimately curious about offering a very best, loving domestic for the canine. They provide themselves as well-to-do, accountable canine fans. They incessantly convey youngsters alongside to meet the canine and proprietor to keep away from suspicion. They will make up elaborate tales about earlier pets, a very best domestic and backyard, and promise to supply a loving ceaselessly domestic to the helpless animal.

If, for some explanation why (and it higher be a just right one), you should re-home your puppy, there are some steps you’ll be able to take to make certain he is going to a just right domestic. Pet-Abuse.com provides up some glorious guidelines for puppy house owners dealing with this difficult catch 22 situation.

  • Don’t market it “Free pet”
  • Spay/neuter the animal to keep away from attracting yard breeders or pet mill operators
  • Charge no less than $25 to discourage resale of pets to labs and others
  • Ask every potential proprietor for his/her veterinarian’s identify as a reference and take a look at it.
  • Ask for identity within the type of a photograph I.D. Write down the ideas, or scan/photocopy it if conceivable
  • Ask for a telephone quantity and provide an explanation for that you simply’d like to take a look at on how the animal’s doing. An truthful individual will gladly proportion the ideas with you.
  • Have the individual signal an “adoption” contract regarding your puppy mentioning that they’re going to now not cross to analysis. Having this in writing offers you felony recourse.
  • Ask to consult with where the place your puppy will are living prior to your unencumber the puppy to the brand new proprietor.

If a canine proprietor actually cares concerning the existence and well-being of the canine being re-homed, taking the stairs above to make certain he is going to a just right domestic are price the effort and time.

What must you do in case you to find a “free to a good home” canine labeled advert?

Whenever conceivable, touch the canine’s proprietor and warn them of the hazards of giving freely their canine without cost. As we came upon, now not everybody will pay attention. So, if the advert is on the web, touch the website proprietor to request that they disallow the posting of commercials without cost animals on their website.

Bookmark this web page and ship the hyperlink to any individual making an attempt to give away a loose canine.

These canines are relying on us.


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