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This DIY project lets you catch a falling muon

Physicists at MIT have advanced and launched a $100 muon detector that you can construct at house, permitting you to sense deep house bombardment on one thing that appears like a TV far off. The CosmicWatch is principally a little field that may discover high-energy cosmic rays as they hit the Earth’s setting and rot into muons.

Muons hit the Earth in a “light drizzle” say the instrument’s author, Spencer Axani. He and the opposite contributors of the staff, Katarzyna Frankiewicz and Paweł Przewłocki of the National Centre for Nuclear Research in Warsaw in addition to Janet Conrad at MIT, created a whole DIY machine for development and measuring muons as they move throughout the detector. You can to find the DIY plans right here or even obtain the project code on Github. It makes use of an Arduino Nano and a silicon photomultiplier “to detect scintillation light emitted from charged particles as they pass through the scintillator.”

Axani has hooked up the instrument to climate balloons or even despatched groups of scholars into the Boston subway to look how vastly the rely modified. They plan on sending a detector up in a suborbital rocket.

“At sea level, you might see one count every two seconds at sea level, but on a plane at cruising altitude, that rate increases by about a factor of 50 — a dramatic change,” stated Axani. “From the measured rate you can back-calculate what the actual altitude of the plane was.”

You too can use this instrument to map thru partitions, permitting you to make a map of any other ground just by seeing the place the muons are extra prevalent.

“That’s something I’d like to try out at some point, maybe to map out the office on the floor above me,” stated Axani.

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