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Trump wants the Department of Education to commit $200 million per year to computer science education

President Donald Trump will quickly direct the Department of Education to commit $200 million each year to Okay-12 computer science education, which Code.org is marking as a victory for its non-profit group. As Recode reported previous as of late, Trump’s memorandum calls on the Department of Education to commit no less than $200 million of its grant finances to STEM education.

“Today’s $200M per year commitment to computer science education marks a victory for Code.org, and for the movement we started four years ago to expand access to computer science and increase participation by women and underrepresented minorities,” Code.org founder and CEO Hadi Partovi stated in a commentary to TechCrunch.

Last year, all through the excellent ol’ days of President Barack Obama, our former president referred to as for greater than $four billion in investment for states to be sure everybody has get entry to to computer science education. Unfortunately, Congress ended up no longer approving the initiative. No subject what your stance is also on Trump, it is a excellent factor for the adolescence of America.

“This federal commitment along with the continuing generous support of private industry, state and local governments will accelerate the adoption of computer science as core curriculum in American K-12 schools,” Partovi stated. “More teachers will be trained and more students will have access to learning and achieving success in computer science. Today, only 40 percent of U.S. schools teach computer science, whether using Code.org’s popular curriculum or alternatives. By 2022, we hope that number is 100 percent.”

According to the memo, Trump is directing the Department of Education to discover techniques to building up or upload center of attention on CS in Okay-12 faculties, consider gender and racial range and convey an annual record highlighting the division’s effectiveness in those efforts.

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