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Twitter user highlights security flaws in UIDAI’s mAadhaar app for Android gadgets, user data could be compromised- Technology News, Firstpost

A Twitter user going by means of the title Elliot Alderson has reported a probably critical security flaw in UIDAI’s mAadhaar app for Android gadgets.

The username would be acquainted to Mr. Robot lovers, however the title may also be acquainted as a result of Elliot Alderson is similar one who reported at the presence of a backdoor in OnePlus device. The backdoor, programmer talk for a technique of bypassing common authentication strategies, would have let a random user get entry to and misuse any affected OnePlus instrument.


Coming again to mAadhaar, Alderson one way or the other controlled to get entry to the coding for the app itself. This, we’re given to grasp, is conceivable the use of more than a few tactics and isn’t in itself a topic. On analysing the code, he discovered a number of vulnerabilities.

A extra security mindful app developer would have long past to larger lengths to obfuscate the code and make it more difficult to resolve the core of the app. Alderson has showed that a part of the code was once obfuscated, however that didn’t prevent Alderson — or any person else for that subject — from extracting a database password from the code. Better but, this database password is it seems that commonplace to all cases of the app.

Information saved in a database, particularly delicate data, must be secure by means of a password and more than a few different tactics. If you could have the database password, you’ll be able to compromise the database.


Replying to Alderson’s tweets, UIDAI has showed that the app creates a neighborhood database with harmless data like user personal tastes. They upload that because the app doesn’t ask for any biometric data, such data can’t be compromised. The published database password could liberate that native database.

Scarily sufficient, Alderson issues out that the published database password can be used to get entry to the user-created account password, thereby giving get entry to to the Aadhaar account of the user and the entire data saved within. Also, as in keeping with the documentation for the mAadhaar app, the app will retailer non-public data and the user’s photograph in a database for your telephone. If saved, this data could be compromised.


With this leaked database password, any person with get entry to in your telephone can probably thieve your mAadhaar password — which you created when putting in the app — and thus thieve your id.

Representational image. Reuters

Representational symbol. Reuters

One too can probably spoof the app into exhibiting the Aadhaar data of any individual else. Given that Aadhaar main points and the TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) can be accessed by the use of mAadhaar even if offline, there’s doable for critical hurt if the app is compromised. In reality, if in case you have the TOTP, you are not looking for an authentication SMS for verifying one thing like, say, a financial institution transaction.

On the similar thread, every other Twitter user going by means of the title Anand V claims to have despatched an e mail to the UIDAI CEO in October final 12 months, the place he highlighted more than a few vulnerabilities in the app. He won no reaction. He claims to have needed to ship an e mail to the CEO as a result of UIDAI doesn’t but have a usable bug-reporting infrastructure in position.

Again, the all-important Aadhaar database itself isn’t susceptible. The simplest factor that’s susceptible is your id, which isn’t any much less fundamental. But on the other hand, that data can have already been bought away for Rs 500 to an untold choice of folks.


We will be updating the tale with extra trends as occasions spread.

Note: While we haven’t been in a position to independently test the claims ourselves, and UIDAI hasn’t but issued an reputable commentary at the subject, UIDAI’s reaction to Alderson’s tweets suggests an implicit acknowledgement flaw exists in the mAadhaar app. However, the severity of the flaw can’t be as it should be gauged presently.

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