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Ulrich Filippi Oberegger – Improving building design to reach zero-energy consumption

Ulrich Filippi Oberegger is a senior researcher within the calories control in constructions team of the Institute for Renewable Energy of EURAC Research. He tells youris.com about decreasing the usage of calories by way of designing constructions, that are integrating so-called passive and energetic applied sciences.   Passive applied sciences don’t use calories, corresponding to insulation or reflective layers, whilst energetic applied sciences use energy, despite the fact that regularly very successfully, corresponding to warmth pumps. In flip, this way will give a contribution to decreasing carbon emissions and securing long-term financial savings on operational prices. This is what the EU-funded mission DIRECTION plans to reach with 3 demonstration constructions in 3 places, Bolzano, Italy, Valladolid, Spain and Munich, Germany.

What is EURAC’s way for integrating energy-saving measures in constructions?
We are principally concerned within the built-in design procedure. This signifies that we’re all in favour of facilitating the trade of building knowledge between the stakeholders and the actors, particularly between architects and engineers. This approach, we’ve got a company grab of the design procedure and of the entire different levels right through the development of the building and likewise afterwards, right through repairs operations. We know neatly the procedures in the back of the entire building levels, the actors which might be concerned, in addition to those that produce the entire knowledge.

In observe, how do you cut back the calories wishes?
We suggest measures to the architects and engineers who’re concerned within the design section of the building. Our technique is to principally center of attention our analysis on fundamental answers. We check out to cut back the calories wishes of the building by way of exploiting herbal assets, like sunlight or flooring water if imaginable, or renewable calories, corresponding to solar power.

Do those measures vary, relying at the local weather?
We have other answers within the 3 exhibit constructions of the mission.  For instance, in our building in Bolzano, the place summers are sizzling and winters very chilly, we use principally extremely reflective surfaces. We have gentle tubes that direct daylight to the primary flooring of the building. And we’ve got an interior lawn that acts as temperature buffer zone.  An excellent technique right through summer time is to ventilate at evening, so you’ve got to cool the building much less right through the day.  During the wintry weather we use warmth pumps that trade warmth with flooring water.

Are there other building rules for those websites?
Yes, we’ve got additionally other approaches to meet the more than a few rules. We don’t make the display circumstances exchange their procedures. We use their paperwork, as they’re. We determined on a commonplace construction for those 3 constructions. We additionally evolved a internet platform the place you’ll be able to add paperwork, retailer them after which seek for knowledge.  We additionally deal with different variations, variations in person behaviour and other development strategies.

Do you are expecting that your analysis mission will lead to calories financial savings in different constructions in Europe?
All contributors of the EU have to paintings on calories environment friendly constructions as a result of the European building directives of 2002 and the recast in 2010, which constrains developers to make stronger the calories efficiency of constructions, the usage of passive measures, but additionally enhancements of the potency of heating and cooling.  The 20-20-20 goals of the EU local weather and effort package deal name for a 20% development within the EU’s calories potency, a 20% expansion of the percentage of EU calories consumption made out of renewable assets and a 20% aid in EU greenhouse gasoline emissions from 1990 ranges.  Of direction, you want a fairly high-share of renewable calories, in a different way this isn’t imaginable.

Therefore the Member States have to refurbish a big a part of their building inventory.  And that’s not a very easy activity. Things are progressing a lot slower than they must. We all have to paintings in combination. The trade has to put in the marketplace extra cutting edge merchandise.  This will most effective occur with the assistance of analysis institutes.  I feel many zero-energy constructions will first seem within the public sector.  And then, the non-public sector will observe. 

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