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Video of Dog Trainer Hitting, Abusing Dog Sparks Police Investigation

The Ellis County Sheriff’s Department are investigating Ennis, Texas canine instructor, Jeffrey Schultz of Landmark Retrievers, after a former worker recorded video of the teacher choosing up a canine by means of the ears and placing the animal whilst the canine cried out, both from worry or from ache.

“Would you want to see your animal treated like that? A pet? A family member treated that way? That’s just not right,” the person who recorded the video, who needed to stay unidentified, instructed CBS DFW.

The former worker was once fired from Landmark Retrievers for running with shoppers out of doors of the educational facility. However, he says coming ahead with the video and talking out towards Schultz isn’t about revenge.

“Ask yourself the question, you think I’m doing this for revenge? Just look at the videos yourself. Would you want you animal to be treated like that if you’re paying top money at a facility?” he defined.

Trainer Jeffrey Schultz says the 7-seconds of video proven isn’t an excellent illustration of how he treats animals. He claims he was once protecting himself after the canine snapped at him.

Ellis County Sheriff’s investigators are taking a look into the incident.

What’s your opinion? Would you be pleased with the way in which this instructor treated the placement had this been your individual canine?

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