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Weird & Wacky Dog Behaviors – Explained!

We proportion our houses with them, we adore them like kids, we couldn’t believe existence with out them… however, one of the issues our canines do make us flinch, scrunch up our noses, shake our heads and say, “why does my dog do that?!”


It seems, your canine has a reason why for the ones bizarre behaviors!

Does your canine interact in any extraordinary habits? We’re discussing all of them – from butt-sniffing, to scooting, poop-consuming, to howling on the ambulance passing through within the distance, and strolling in circles sooner than laying down (and a number of abnormal behaviors in between!). There are causes your canines do the issues they do!

Why do canines sniff every different’s butts?

butt sniff

This habits might appear utterly extraordinary – and it without a doubt wouldn’t be neatly gained if people participated – however it’s completely standard within the canine international!

Dogs have a way of odor that may be between 10,000 and 100,000 occasions extra delicate than that of a human. For instance, if we stroll into a house the place somebody’s been cooking a pot roast, we’ll acknowledge that odor as, neatly, pot roast. A canine, alternatively, will acknowledge the meat, the potatoes, the carrots, celery, salt, spices – every person merchandise as a separate and distinct scent!

So why, then, do they’ve to get so darn with reference to every other canine’s rear finish? They’re if truth be told getting loads of essential knowledge that approach. That’s proper, from a handy guide a rough sniff of the rear, one canine can inform the opposite’s emotional state, it’s gender, it’s nutrition, if it’s wholesome or unwell, and far, extra extra! It’s all due to the chemical compounds saved and secreted from the sacs tucked very easily in his rear finish. In a nutshell, it’s simply one of the crucial tactics they be in contact and know about one every other.

Why does my canine stroll in circles sooner than she lays down?


As foolish as it will appear, most of the extraordinary behaviors we see in our canines are arduous-stressed leftovers from their ancestors of hundreds of years in the past, sooner than they have been domesticated. Circling in a place sooner than laying down is one such leftover ancestral oddity.

Circling sooner than laying down is assumed to had been finished for a few causes. First, for protection. Because wild canines slept outside, in leaves and grass, circling a space would have pressured snakes and bugs nesting underneath the grass to scatter. And, as a result of circling would flatted out the realm, it created a visual sign to different wild canines that the distance were claimed.

Of direction, circling additionally makes the realm extra comfy. By knocking down out leaves, grass, and stems, and feeling the realm with their paws for sharp gadgets or asymmetric spots, a canine may temporarily inform if she and her puppies could be having a excellent night time’s sleep.


Why does my canine tilt his head once I communicate to him or if he hears a ordinary noise?

by the use of GIPHY

While the easy resolution is that canines tilt their heads to listen to us higher, in actual fact if truth be told a bit of extra complicated. Dogs are widely recognized to have unbelievable listening to, however, they now and again have bother finding the supply of a legitimate, or the course that it’s coming from.

Tilting their heads repositions the ears, is helping to open the ear canal, and lets in a canine to higher pass judgement on distance and place of sounds. As a part of their unbelievable audible skills, the slight trade in sound from other positions of the ears can assist a canine pinpoint its supply.

But that’s now not all!

Dogs additionally tilt their heads whilst being attentive to us discuss to them so as to first, tell us they’re paying consideration and, 2d, as an involuntary muscle motion whilst they’re looking for acquainted phrases or words. This is one principle you’ll be able to take a look at (and end up) at the moment! Get your canine’s consideration and say “do you wanna…” and look ahead to the pinnacle tilt as they’re looking ahead to that magic word “go for a walk?”


Why does my canine howl when she hears an ambulance or a definite tune?


It’s now not unusual for canines to howl when listening to positive sounds. Many canine house owners have reported howling when ambulances are close to through, when a definite tune comes at the radio, or once they play an software.

Fun Fact: Dozens of puppy folks have uploaded video to YouTube in their canines howling to the Law & Order tv display’s theme tune! Here’s only one such video:

Howling is, in truth, every other ancestral habits that continues in as of late’s domesticated canines. Many other folks mistakenly consider that canines howl since the sound they’re listening to is hurting their ears – this merely isn’t true.

Dogs show plenty of behaviors once they’re in ache – panting, hiding, whining or whimpering, restlessness, and so forth. – very infrequently is howling a reaction to ache.

Howling is a type of conversation in canines. It is some way for canines to sign their presence to different canines which might be steadily situated a long way away. It is not unusual in wolves and coyotes, each family of as of late’s home canine. Sometimes canines will howl once they pay attention sirens or different loud upper pitched feels like clarinets and flutes (or the ambulance or theme tune that units them off). Dogs do that as an instinctive reaction to listening to what they interpret to be every other howling canine within the distance. They don’t seem to be doing this as it hurts their ears.

So, the following time you notice that viral video of the lovely canine taking part in the piano and howling alongside, smile and experience it – he without a doubt is!

Why does my canine mount or hump different canines, gadgets, and even other folks?


Often accompanied through guffawing, pointing and sheer embarrassment is the act of a canine humping your leg, or your pillow, or a pal… Contrary to common trust, your canine’s humping isn’t generally sexual in nature. If that have been true, the humping would forestall when a canine is neutered and no feminine canines would partake within the task!

Humping is if truth be told a herbal approach for canines to reply to over-pleasure, over-stimulation, or anxiousness. Or, in some circumstances, a humping canine is simply taking part in. You’ll realize whilst observing canines that they steadily play struggle, or play stalk, chase, or even play chew, so is it so unreasonable that they may play on this way, too?

So, how do you forestall this habits? First, forget about the habits up to you’ll be able to. Getting excited, giggling, or neatly, freaking out, tells your canine that he’ll get some consideration if he does it, thereby reinforcing the habits. Second, give him (or her) another task. If you realize that humping occurs when your canine is overly excited, give him one thing calm to do, like bite on a bully stick, a filled Kong toy, or play with a puzzle recreation. If he’s an frightened humper, take away him from the frightened scenario and make allowance him time to loosen up and really feel comfy. Most importantly, simply take note your canine is simply doing what canines do!


Why does my canine consume poop?

dog poop

Really, it doesn’t get a lot more disgusting than catching Fido within the act of consuming his (or his doggie pal’s, or the cat’s) poop. Coprophagia. Yes, it’s not unusual sufficient that there’s a phrase for it. And, there’s a wonderfully logical rationalization.

You would possibly not understand this – perhaps it’s now not the subject of your on a regular basis conversations – however canines consuming poop in point of fact isn’t all that atypical. Yes, it’s disgusting, however it seems this can be a herbal habits and maximum canines are arduous-stressed to do it.

Long sooner than canines changed into individuals of the family, they have been wild animals that might fall prey to different carnivores. It used to be the position of the mum to give protection to her muddle of puppies, and that integrated ridding their smell from the realm – you guessed it – through consuming her pups’ poop. Of direction there are different, much less candy causes a canine eats feces. Some are simply undeniable hungry. Some if truth be told benefit from the odor or style (you’d be arduous-pressed to discover a canine that doesn’t love snacking from the cat’s litterbox!), and a few are in search of explicit vitamins they could be lacking from their nutrition.

If poop-consuming is over the top, communicate in your veterinarian to rule out any well being problems. If all’s neatly – and it generally is – there are methods to curb this habits via coaching or nutritional dietary supplements that make poop much less palatable.


Why does my canine chase her personal tail?


There’s no unmarried right kind resolution for why canines might chase their very own tail. In truth, they might be doing it for plenty of causes, a few of that are simply foolish whilst others may require the assistance of a veterinarian.

Some canines, particularly pups, are merely intrigued through that floopy-floppy-dangly factor on their bottom and chase it for amusing. Some canines do it out of boredom or to burn up some pent up power. Sadly for some canines, tail chasing could be a realized habits in the event that they’ve been stored in a cage or kennel that’s too small to very easily transfer round. For others, it’s a compulsive or obsessive habits that, if the habits is over the top, will also be handled with drugs. And, after all, your canine might be chasing his tail to chew at fleas or to search out reduction from annoyed anal glands.

Bottom line, if tail chasing is obsessive in nature, over the top, or ends up in hair loss or damage to the tail, seek the advice of your veterinarian or behaviorist for assist.

Hey, whilst we’re at the topic, may as neatly experience observing this lovely pet chase his personal tail… he even tries to sneak up on it a couple of occasions!


Why do canines roll round in disgusting, pungent stuff?


Animal poop, a useless frog, decomposing rubbish… the nastier, the stinkier, the BETTER! Why on earth would our canines experience rolling in disgusting, smelly stuff? There are a couple of other theories at the matter.

The most well liked principle says it is a trait carried down from their wild ancestors. Experts consider canines roll in smelly stuff to masks their very own smell, making it more straightforward to sneak up on prey. While the wild canines’ prey may most likely odor a stinked-up canine coming from a mile away, they wouldn’t be expecting to be attacked through one thing that smells find it irresistible’s already useless.

Other theories say that rolling in one thing gross is some way for canines to promote it to others that they’ve discovered one thing superior. Some have prompt that canines do it, specifically after baths or when not too long ago groomed, to do away with a fragrance or cleaning soap that they don’t just like the odor of. And, every other principle says that the oils and fat of decomposing animals or rubbish act as a pores and skin and coat conditioner, an ancestral attractiveness routine of types.


Why does my canine raise a mouthful of meals from his bowl to every other location to consume it?

Puppy eating a chew

There are two colleges of idea in this extraordinary addiction. The first says that transferring their meals clear of its supply to chow down in every other location is a leftover habits out of your canine’s wild ancestors that lived, hunted, and ate in packs. In a pack, the fewer dominant individuals of the gang would take a portion of the kill and transfer to a protected, far away location to consume in peace and to keep away from being challenged through upper score pack individuals. Even canines with out 4-legged members of the family to give protection to their meals from proceed this instinctual follow to nowadays.

It may be a symptom of your canine merely now not liking his bowl or the place it’s situated. He would possibly not just like the sound his kibble makes because it clinks and clanks alongside the perimeters of the bowl. His bowl might not be a comfy peak, width, or intensity for optimum consuming excitement. His tags might bump the threshold of the bowl, making an frustrating sound or distracting him from the duty to hand.

While this habits is somewhat risk free for kibble feeders, canines that insist on relocating messy rainy or uncooked meals may create fairly the mess. To curb the habits, take a look at transferring his bowl to a extra secluded location. Or, take a look at a distinct form of bowl completely. If you feed from an increased dish, take a look at decreasing it. If you feed from a bowl at the ground, take a look at elevating it. Or simply transfer to a flat, open dinner plate and notice if the habits stops. And, for those who’ve were given a multi-canine family, take a look at feeding your canines in separate places.


Why does my canine consume grass?


We’ve nearly all heard the pronouncing canine eats grass once they don’t really feel excellent or if they’ve an dissatisfied abdomen. And, whilst those could also be true one of the time, it’s now not at all times the case.

Luckily, most mavens consider that occasional grass snacking is now not one thing canine house owners wish to concern about. So why on earth do canines gobble up the golf green stuff?

There are two in most cases permitted solutions to this query. Any pooch will search out a herbal reduction for a gassy or dissatisfied abdomen, and grass, it appears, does the trick. When ingested, the grass blades tickle the canine’s throat in addition to his abdomen lining. This sensation reasons the pooch to throw up, particularly when the grass has been gulped down as a substitute of chewed on. A unwell pooch will generally consume grass in giant bites after which vomit.

Although canines don’t usually graze on massive quantities of grass like cows do, they are going to nibble on grass or bite on it for some time, and now not vomit. Some canines merely to find the grass style palatable, different breeds do it so as to add slightly roughage to their standard nutrition.

Whatever the rationale in the back of grass consuming, most mavens see no hurt in letting a canine munch away every so often. As a question of truth, the grass accommodates some very important parts pooch might if truth be told crave, particularly if he’s been on a business nutrition.

Watch out for any surprising build up in grass-munching because it is usually a wake-up call of a extra critical underlying situation that your puppy could also be seeking to self-deal with. This after all would require quick vet help. If your canine is person who merely loves to graze, however is wholesome and glad, simply make certain the grass he’s consuming hasn’t been handled with chemical compounds or insecticides which if truth be told CAN be fairly damaging for Fido.


Why do canines kick while you scratch their abdominal?


If you’ve were given a canine that loves abdominal rubs, as many people do, than you’ve surely discovered “the sweet spot” that will get his leg kicking. This generally occurs while you scratch him in his saddle area – the abdominal, facets, and portions of the canine’s again. The actual spot varies relying at the canine. Some canines have a number of spots that get their legs transferring.

Dogs kick their legs while you hit that candy spot because of one thing referred to as the scratch reflex, an involuntary response. Much in the similar approach the wind or a trojan horse may aggravate his pores and skin, inflicting him to balk or scratch, while you hit this actual spot in your canine’s abdominal (or again, facets, and so forth) you’re each inflicting the itch and concurrently scratching it. But, it nonetheless feels extremely excellent in your canine, so stick with it!

The scratch reflex isn’t only a humorous birthday party trick on your canine, both. In truth, veterinarians can use the spot to spot nerve harm or neurological issues. The abdominal rub kick will also be in comparison to the knee-jerk that people do when the physician faucets slightly under your knee with a hammer, or how cats routinely elevate their bottoms while you scratch the bottom in their tail.

What different abnormal behaviors does your canine show off? Let us know in a remark underneath and we’ll give an explanation for!

In the intervening time, because you obviously love finding out about canines and a few in their abnormal ancestral behaviors, take a look at those 25 historic canine breeds that can have contributed in your canine’s wacky behavior sooner than going extinct!

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