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Wellness Dog Food Review, Recalls & Ingredients Analysis in 2017

Wellness is without doubt one of the most well liked manufacturers of pet food in the marketplace these days, recognized for its fine quality merchandise that cater to canines of all sizes and ages. They center of attention on all-natural, healthy recipes that give you the easiest diet in your canine.

Let’s delve deeper into this logo – we’ll have a look at its philosophy, its background, and a few of its best recipes.

If you’re in a hurry and also you’d choose a handy guide a rough click-and-buy choice, here’s a rundown of what I deem to be the highest five recipes from Wellness in 2017:

Overview of Wellness

Wellness manufacture various canine meals for all existence phases, sizes, and nutritional necessities. They center of attention on easy, pure elements that supply superb diet, giving your canine a healthy, wholesome meal.

They use actual meat to provide your canine fine quality protein, contemporary fruit and veg to offer antioxidants for immune gadget well being, just right assets of omega fatty acids for her pores and skin and coat well being, and probiotics to stay her digestion common. They avoid synthetic colours and flavors, corn, wheat, and soy, and they don’t come with by-products.

Wellness Pet Food used to be first introduced in 1997 by way of veterinarians, animal diet professionals, and meals scientists. They started by way of generating recipes for canines and presented further recipes for cats in 2000. In little or no time, Wellness Pet Food changed into the main pure dog food in unbiased puppy strong point shops.

Who manufactures Wellness?

Wellness is owned by way of dog food corporate Wellpet LLC (owned by way of the Berwind Corporation), who’ve their headquarters in Tewksbury, Massachusetts. This corporate shaped in 2008 after merging Eagle Pack Pet Foods and Old Mother Hubbard, whose firms had been based in 1926 and 1970 respectively.

It turns out that almost all of Wellness’s merchandise are manufactured by way of the Eagle Pack Company at their very own production facility in Mishawaka, Indiana. In May 2012, right through a recall, it used to be proven that a few of Wellness’s meals had been being manufactured by way of an organization known as Diamond Pet Foods, probably the most greatest dog food producers in the sector.

In addition to the United States and Canada, Wellness Pet Food may be these days to be had in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia & Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, and Hong Kong.

Wellness Recalls historical past

Wellness Legal Issue

It may be price citing right here that Wellness had been concerned in a lawsuit over their use of the time period “human grade” to explain their puppy meals. They if truth be told received this criminal combat, however now chorus from the usage of this terminology, at the side of many different dog food producers.

The reality pet food doesn’t say “human-grade” does no longer imply it’s of decrease high quality, then again. In reality, human-grade isn’t even thought to be an ordinary by way of the AAFCO – if meals is safe to eat, slightly it’s termed “edible.” But, they declare, “a product formulated for a puppy is not going to be nutritionally ok for a human and vice versa.”

So, as a substitute, what truly issues with regards to your canine’s meals is the standard of elements getting used, how a lot nutritious protein goes into it, and whether or not there are just right assets of fat and antioxidants, and many others. Wellness ticks all the ones packing containers. So let’s transfer on.

What formulation does Wellness have?

Wellness has four other strains of canine meals:

  • Wellness Complete Health provides entire meals diet with grain-free choices and choices for various existence phases and sizes. It has 20 dry formulation, 6 of which might be grain-free.
  • Wellness CORE is a protein-rich and totally grain-free line, and contours air-dried and freeze-dried formulation in addition to kibbles. There are 7 dry kibble formulation.
  • Wellness Simple is a Limited Ingredient Diet line formulated for canines with meals allergic reactions or sensitivities. It has 6 dry formulation.
  • Wellness Trufood contains slow-baked recipes providing nutrient-rich, high-protein meals. There are five dry meals recipes in addition to different tasty meal enhances.

Wellness’s Top five Dog Food Products

Below are the professionals and cons of the entire recipes incorporated in this overview:

Dog meals



Wellness CORE Original

  • Suitable for energetic canines
  • High in omega fatty acids
  • Lots of probiotics
  • Grain-free
  • Lots of antioxidant-rich fruit and veg
  • Supports canines vulnerable to joint stipulations
  • May no longer be appropriate for normally energetic canines

Wellness Complete Health Chicken & Oatmeal

  • Suitable for normally energetic canines
  • Healthy entire grain carbs
  • Nutrients to fortify center well being
  • Includes some antioxidant-rich fruit and veg
  • Can assist canines susceptible to joint stipulations

Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Small Breed

  • Good selection for energetic small breeds
  • Grain-free
  • Supports center well being
  • Good choice for long-haired breeds
  • Includes antioxidant-rich fruit and veg
  • Can assist canines vulnerable to joint stipulations
  • May no longer be appropriate for normally energetic small breeds

Wellness CORE Puppy

  • Good selection for energetic doggies
  • Includes nine antioxidant-rich fruit and veg
  • High in omega oils – nice for pores and skin and coat well being
  • Low in carbs
  • May no longer go well with normally energetic doggies

Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Turkey & Potato

  • Good choice for canines who be afflicted by meals allergic reactions or sensitivities
  • High in omega oils – just right for long-haired breeds or canines with pores and skin inflammation
  • Grain-free
  • No fruit or veg (because of restricted content material)
  • No joint fortify

#1 Wellness CORE Original

Protein: 34%

Fat: 16%

Carbs: 32%

Fiber: four%

This recipe from Wellness CORE may be very well-liked by consumers. I believe its macronutrient steadiness makes it suited for energetic canines who workout greater than an hour an afternoon.

It is bursting with protein, at a whopping 34%, coming from deboned turkey, turkey meal, and white meat meal. These foods are what make it so excessive in protein, as they include much less water and a lot more protein than the entire meat.

Wellness CORE additionally throws in white meat liver for just right measure, which gives a super supply of protein in addition to fats. Other assets of fats incorporated listed below are white meat fats, flaxseed, and salmon oil. These are all omega-rich fat that may nourish your canine’s pores and skin and coat.

As for carbs, there are no grains right here. Instead, they come with peas and potatoes, which give your canine with wholesome advanced carbohydrates. Peas supply additional fiber, too, which can assist along with your canine’s digestion. On best of that, there are very excessive ranges of probiotics in this formulation, so in case your canine has digestive problems, this pet food may assist.

My favourite factor about this recipe is that it contains a minimum of 7 antioxidant-rich contemporary fruit and veggies. So, it’s nice for supporting your canine’s immune gadget through the years in addition to combating off injury carried out by way of loose radicals, decreasing your canine’s probabilities of creating critical illnesses.

Finally, in case your canine is vulnerable to joint stipulations, this pet food can be a just right choice, because it contains low ranges of glucosamine and chondroitin. These assist to stay your canine’s joint and cartilage wholesome.

#2 Wellness Complete Health Chicken & Oatmeal

Protein: 24%

Fat: 12%

Carbs: 46%

Fiber: four%

In my opinion, this recipe is a great selection for normally energetic canines who workout of an hour or much less day-to-day.

Its protein content material is mid-range, at 24%, coming from white meat and white meat meal, and the fats content material is reasonably low, at simply 12%. The carbohydrates right here come with oatmeal, floor barley, and floor brown rice, which might be all wholesome entire grains, in addition to peas, which additionally supply further protein and fiber.

There is a few glucosamine and chondroitin right here, so in case your pooch is susceptible to stipulations comparable to hip dysplasia or arthritis, this meals may give her the fortify she wishes. Wellness additionally provides in a bit of taurine to this recipe in your canine’s center well being. So, if she is susceptible to any center stipulations, this pet food may additionally assist there, too.

Though no longer reasonably as many as in the Wellness CORE recipe, there’s a handful of antioxidant-rich fruit and veg right here, together with blueberries, carrots, candy potatoes, and apples.

#three Wellness Complete Health Grain-Free Small Breed

Protein: 32%

Fat: 16%

Carbs: 34%

Fiber: five.five%

Another recipe from Wellness Complete Health makes it into this overview for its reputation amongst consumers and nice popularity as a pet food for small breeds. I believe it fits energetic little ones – in all probability a yappy Yorkie or a cheeky Chihuahua.

The protein right here comes basically from turkey and white meat meal, and there’s some salmon meal right here, too, which united statesthe protein much more. Flaxseed and salmon oil supply excessive ranges of omega fatty acids, making it a meals this is particularly suited for long-haired breeds.

Completely grain-free, the carbs right here come from the pulses peas, lentils, and chickpeas. These are all superb assets of low-glycemic carbs, which additionally supply protein, fiber, and nutrients and minerals.

The inclusion of taurine will fortify your baby’s center well being. Plus, five antioxidant-rich fruit and greens will stay her immune gadget wholesome and offer protection to her towards loose radicals over her lengthy existence. Lastly, there are small quantities of joint-supporting vitamins, which will assist fortify canines susceptible to joint stipulations.

#four Wellness CORE Puppy

Protein: 36%

Fat: 18%

Carbs 28%

Fiber: five%

This recipe from Wellness CORE fits energetic doggies which can be on-the-go for greater than an hour an afternoon.

It has a very excessive protein content material, together with high quality deboned white meat and high-protein white meat meal and turkey meal. Chicken fats, flaxseed, and salmon oil supply fine quality fat, making this recipe excessive in omega fatty acids, which is excellent for nourishing your domestic dog’s pores and skin and holding her coat glossy and cushy – you’ll want to cuddle as much as her all day!

This Wellness CORE pet recipe truly is going all out in the fruit and veg division, including nine antioxidant-rich end result and greens to fortify your pet’s maturing immune gadget. Wow! Plus, there are excessive quantities of probiotics right here to stay your domestic dog’s digestion common.

This formulation is grain-free, so in case your pet has proven indicators of grain allergic reactions, this meals is a great choice. It may be low in carbs, which is perfect, as canines don’t want loads of those and get pleasure from a nutrition that focuses extra on just right proteins and fat.

#five Wellness Simple Limited Ingredient Turkey & Potato

Protein: 26%

Fat: 12%

Carbs: 43%

Fiber: five.five%

This Limited Ingredient recipe from Wellness Simple is a great selection for normally energetic canines with meals allergic reactions or sensitivities.

Turkey is the one meat protein incorporated right here, and there are simply two assets of fats, which might be chicken-free, together with canola oil and flaxseed. The omega fatty acids are excessive in this recipe, so it’s a just right choice for canines with lengthy coats or for the ones affected by pores and skin inflammation, as omega 3s have soothing anti inflammatory houses.

No grains are incorporated in this formulation, so in case your canine suffers from grain allergic reactions, too, you don’t have to fret with this meals. On the disadvantage, there are no assets of fruit or veg because of its restricted content material. However, there are quite a few diet and mineral dietary supplements incorporated right here to provide your canine the vitamins she wishes.

This recipe does no longer come with any joint fortify, so in case your canine is susceptible to or suffers from joint problems, it’s your decision to select a special meals.

What is the common worth and the way lengthy will it final?

Wellness CORE is bought in baggage of 4lb, 12lb, and 26lb.

For the biggest bag, costs generally differ from about $60 – 80. Taking $70 as the common, that equals kind of $2.69/lb.

Wellness Complete Health comes in 5lb, 15lb, and 30lb baggage.

The latter dimension generally prices about $50 on moderate. That’s $1.66/lb.

So, Wellness Complete Health indubitably appears to be inexpensive. However, the day-to-day feeding suggestions for Wellness Complete Health are a lot upper.

According to my calculations, a 26lb bag of Wellness CORE can final per week or two longer, in reality, than a 30lb bag of Wellness Complete Health. So, whilst Wellness Complete Health remains to be most likely that little bit inexpensive, because it doesn’t final as lengthy, there isn’t a super distinction relating to worth.

Below I’ve drawn up a chart appearing how lengthy a 26lb bag of Wellness CORE can final your canine in line with Wellness’s personal day-to-day feeding pointers, which you’ll be able to see on their web page on the backside of each and every recipe.

Weight of grownup canine, lb / kg


How lengthy does it final approx.?

20 / nine

141 g

2 three/four months

35 / 16

198 g

2 months

50 / 22.five

254 g

1 1/2 months

65 / 29.five

311 g

1 1/four months

80 / 36

367 g

1 month

95 / 43

424 g

four weeks

115 / 52

480 g

three 1/2 weeks

*The Wellness CORE recipes show their beneficial day-to-day consumption in cups; in line with the belief they’re the usage of an eight fluid oz.. cup size, this equals kind of 113g.

Wellness CORE turns out to final virtually precisely so long as Zignature, which to this point is our second-highest rated long-lasting pet food after Orijen. It may be very equivalent in worth (Wellness prices about 30 cents extra in line with lb).

Wellness CORE is, in my opinion, then again, a bit of upper in high quality than Zignature, because it contains extra entire meals assets of antioxidants, plus there are recipes to fit canines of all existence phases and sizes.

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