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What is Your Opinion? Enjoy-a-Bowl – Truth about Pet Food

ABC Television’s Funderdome finale featured two puppy merchandise hoping to win $50,000.00 investment for his or her trade. A dog food bowl that permits pets to sniff actual meals however now not consume actual meals received. Would you purchase it?

It’s known as “Enjoy-a-Bowl”. The product sells for $24.99 on Amazon. “Enjoy-a-Bowl” is a dog food bowl that hides human meals within the backside phase – inaccessible to the puppy – whilst striking kibble on best. Allowing the puppy to sniff actual meals, however now not let them consume the actual meals.

Picture of the product from Amazon.com:

Video “Quick Start Guide” from YouTube.com:

“Enjoy-A-Bowl” used to be advanced through veterinarian Dr. Joe J. Owens.


What do you suppose? Approve of Enjoy-A-Bowl or now not?



The Enjoy-A-Bowl web site discourages puppy homeowners from feeding actual meals to their pets and offers some incorrect information to puppy homeowners. Stating within the Q&A bit:

Q. My puppy loves human meals. Why shouldn’t he proportion my meals?

Dr. Owens Answers:
Most human meals is unhealthy to your puppy. Some is downright unhealthy. Common flavorings in one thing like pizza and even child meals (onions and garlic) can break a puppy’s purple blood cells, resulting in anemia. Skip the doggie bag while you’re out to consume. Meat fats and bones – each cooked and raw – may cause pancreatitis. And, even though it kind of feels herbal to offer your canine a bone, they are able to splinter and motive obstructions or lacerations.

  • Salt. It’s in all places in human meals. It’s unhealthy to your puppy and will motive despair, tremors, and seizures and even loss of life.
  • Sugar. Bad for you, unhealthy to your puppy for a similar causes: dental issues and diabetes.
  • Raw Meat and Fish – similar to uncooked eggs are unhealthy to your puppy. They can comprise micro organism that reasons meals poisoning. Certain sorts of fish (salmon, trout, shad, or sturgeon) can comprise a parasite that may be deadly inside two weeks.
  • Caffeine – present in chocolate, colas and extra can also be deadly and there is no antidote. Chocolate additionally comprises theobromine – and sure that comes with white chocolate, unsweetened baking chocolate, and another more or less chocolate.
  • Grapes and Raisins may cause kidney failure.
  • Ice Cream and different dairy merchandise may cause diarrhea and different digestive upsets.
  • Nuts – particularly macadamia nuts can also be deadly. As few as 6 nuts can kill your puppy.
  • Alcohol – Some folks suppose it’s “cute” to offer their pets alcohol. Beer, liquor, wine, meals containing alcohol — none of it’s excellent. That’s as a result of alcohol has the similar impact on a canine’s liver and mind that it has on people. But it takes a ways much less to do its injury. Just slightly may cause vomiting, diarrhea, central anxious machine despair, issues of coordination, issue respiring, coma, even loss of life. And the smaller the canine, the higher the impact.


Sorry Dr. Owens, many must disagree with you. Most human meals don’t seem to be unhealthy for pets. Yes, some are unhealthy and also you do point out the ones however – uncooked meat, uncooked eggs (or cooked meat/eggs) and uncooked bones don’t seem to be “bad for your pet”. There’s a couple of holistic veterinarians you wish to have to satisfy (and be informed from).

My opinion of the bowl…if a puppy proprietor needs their puppy to hate them, Enjoy-A-Bowl turns out like the very best method to achieve this. Personally I might by no means use this product, I might by no means taunt my pets in the sort of approach. I give my pets actual meals, handiest actual meals – on a daily basis, each and every meal.

If the puppy doesn’t need the meals – most likely there is a explanation why. Perhaps the puppy smells a rancid fats or inferior meat protein. To cover a puppy’s dislike of the puppy feed with the scent of actual meals is (opinion) merciless and may lead to a larger well being drawback. A large ‘No’ from me.

Thanks to Renee M. for posting this product on Facebook.


Wishing you and your puppy(s) the most efficient,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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