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What Royal Canin Reps are Selling to Vets – Truth about Pet Food

A Royal Canin Sales Rep walks right into a veterinary health center. No, this isn’t a comic story. It’s a tragic true tale of the deceptive and outright false knowledge Mars Petcare is ‘selling’ to veterinarians.

One of you nice shoppers available in the market alerted me to a relating to scenario. She shared Royal Canin Sales Rep got here into their health center and confirmed all of the team of workers this deceptive and in some instances outright false video as a lead in to their gross sales pitch.

Some of the deceptive statements given to veterinarians and team of workers…

True. The dietary necessities of people range from the necessities of cats and canine.

Misleading. But…they allude that ‘human food’ – aka human grade – is unhealthy.


Misleading. Next, the video says “And what about so called inferior by-products? The term by products includes ingredients such as liver and other internal organs which are important nutrient dense ingredients that your dog or cat might need.”

Mars/Royal Canin neglects to inform veterinarians and their team of workers that the prison definition of many derivative components permit diseased, condemned, and non-slaughtered animal carcasses. Mars/Royal Canin neglects to inform shoppers that the FDA and each and every State Department of Agriculture brazenly permits diseased, condemned, and non-slaughtered animal subject matter in dog food without a caution to the patron. (For any veterinarian unsure of this – please learn those two FDA Compliance Policies https://www.fda.gov/ICECI/ComplianceManuals/CompliancePolicyGuidanceManual/ucm074710.htm and https://www.fda.gov/ICECI/ComplianceManuals/CompliancePolicyGuidanceManual/ucm074717.htm)

False. The video states this “Labels such as human grade and holistic are also confusing. They may sound healthy, but what do they really mean? Absolutely nothing.” whilst showing this symbol…

Human grade and natural are legally outlined dog food phrases. Human grade puppy meals were verified through the FDA for no less than 10 years, and has been a legally outlined AAFCO time period for no less than a yr. Organic is verified through USDA. They are ‘absolutely something’ (and one thing necessary).

False. And then the video inform audience (veterinarians and team of workers)…

…that Human Grade and Organic are “advertising claims”. Wrong, incorrect, completely incorrect.

False. Mars Petcare/Royal Canin calls the above “Nutritional Truths”.

Actually it’s Nutritional Un-Truths.

Is it any marvel why such a lot of veterinarians don’t perceive dog food? Pet meals producers are deceptive them – considerably to blame for the nice divide between skilled dog food shoppers and our veterinarians.

Shame on you Mars Petcare/Royal Canin.


Wishing you and your puppy(s) the most productive,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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