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Why I Feed My Pets Raw


Recently, each the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) have taken a public stand in opposition to feeding uncooked diets to pets, caution that they’re dangerous to pets and people. However, many puppy homeowners (like myself) are passionate of their trust that uncooked feeding is each secure and wholesome for his or her canines.

As any individual who has been feeding my pets a uncooked nutrition for a few years, I have witnessed first-hand the enhancements in well being, energy and behaviour they skilled just by switching their nutrition to uncooked.

I used to be at my wits finish with Nelson. When I followed him from the SPCA he got here with a terrible case of diarrhea. His vet recognized him with IBD and prescribed particular diets and medicine. Nothing helped. After months of having nowhere together with his remedy, a pal advised I check out feeding him a uncooked nutrition and defined how she’d had good fortune together with her cat who had the similar downside.

The determination to move uncooked used to be no longer simple for me. I used to be, merely put, terrified. I’d heard the warnings about salmonella, worms, choking on bones, et al. My veterinarian, whose foyer is stocked to the ceiling with Science Diet, used to be no longer on board. I spent numerous hours researching, becoming a member of boards, speaking to those who had good fortune with uncooked nutrition earlier than I in spite of everything took the plunge.

I bought a bag of Nature’s Variety frozen uncooked meals from my native puppy retailer, considering, “They’ve already done the work for me. It’s a balanced meal. It can’t hurt to try it.”

Nelson wolfed it up as though it used to be the meal he’d been ready his complete existence for. Within 24 hours, a lot to my marvel and most probably his, Nelson took the primary forged poop he’d had in months. Yes, the consequences had been that rapid and I used to be transformed.

In addition to Nelson’s evident well being growth, inside of days I began noticing he used to be extra energetic – with power that I’d no longer ever observed in him. His pores and skin and coat had been taking a look more fit, he performed tougher and slept higher at night time. Within weeks, his bodily look had modified. He used to be extra muscular and graceful. Even my vet couldn’t bargain the advance in Nelson and he in spite of everything mentioned, “keep doing what you’re doing!”

By this time, I used to be changing all of my canines and cats to the uncooked nutrition and used to be seeing identical enhancements in they all. Some, like Nelson, had been really easy to modify to uncooked. Others had been a bit of harder to make the transfer. You see, uncooked meals doesn’t have an scent. It isn’t sprayed with animal fats to make it engaging to devour. It isn’t loaded with addicting carbs. Many of my critters would give me a puzzled glance when I put a plate of uncooked meals down in entrance of them. They didn’t comprehend it used to be meals! My woman, Mandy, used to be particularly reluctant to surrender her kibble. I can glance again and chuckle now, as a result of lately she is my absolute best uncooked eater. Mandy will chunk thru complete uncooked bones now!

I glance again at the days when I used to be stressing out about switching to a uncooked nutrition and assume how foolish I used to be. Ironically, I by no means as soon as stressed out over feeding my pets kibble – and what number of pets have died for the reason that 2007 recollects from kibble? Thousands. Yet we worry feeding them a uncooked nutrition. Why?

For one, we’re considering micro organism contamination & Salmonella. Do , all of the 2012 Diamond Pet Food recollects that affected some 14 top class manufacturers of dry and canned dog food had been because of Salmonella? This isn’t a uncooked nutrition downside. What’s extra, animal professionals remind us that the dog intestinal tract is customized to deal with meats which have been infected with micro organism. Dogs have a shorter intestinal tract and a shorter digestive time and better acid within the abdomen. When mixed with correct dealing with and washing palms, the danger could be very low.

Some warn that parasites might exist in uncooked meals. However, pre-freezing meats will get rid of some parasites. In the five years I’ve been feeding uncooked nutrition, I have no longer had any occurrence of parasites in my pets.

It’s an incomplete nutrition. This used to be my greatest worry when switching to uncooked. It’s the rationale I purchased commercially made uncooked meals – for the reason that producers did the paintings to steadiness it for me. I sought after to make certain my pets had been getting the correct nutrients, minerals and vitamins they wanted. And, after a yr of shopping for business uncooked meals, when I used to be a lot more pleased with the concept that, I began making it myself to save cash. Since then, I’ve had whole blood and urine research performed on all of my pets they usually all move with flying colours!

My uncooked fed pets have recent breath, blank white tooth, small and odorless poop, muscular our bodies, and higher power. They make much less journeys to the veterinarian as a result of they have got few (if any) well being issues. And they’re fed for much less value than top class canned meals. How many people can in truth say this about our pets?

I’m no longer scripting this to persuade puppy oldsters to prevent feeding business pet food. In truth, I imagine there are some nice business meals to be had. What we feed is our selection. If you’re bearing in mind it, know that opting for to feed uncooked will put you in warfare with many vets and puppy homeowners. When I noticed the advantages in my own residence and understood they a long way outweighed any dangers, I was a uncooked nutrition feeder for existence.

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