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WV State Troopers Shoot, Kill Beagle-Mix During Search for Unrelated Fugitive

Willy Pete was shot and killed by West Virginia police during an unrelated manhunt. Photo courtesy Facebook/Justice for Willy Pete.

Willy Pete was once shot and killed by way of West Virginia police all over an unrelated manhunt. Photo courtesy Facebook/Justice for Willy Pete.

It’s a tale that’s taking place all too steadily nowadays – police input an unsuspecting canine proprietor’s belongings, unannounced and with out caution, and shoot the circle of relatives canine.

West Virginia State Police had been looking out the world about 7-miles out of doors of Milton, WV, the place a fugitive was once at the run.  Johnathan Jeffers was once to be wondered for allegedly threatening his spouse, but if police arrived, he fled the scene and reportedly fired a weapon at police.

Troopers started looking out the world at about three:00am on Tuesday. After a number of hours of looking out for Jeffers, police emerged from the woods and entered unrelated resident Ginger Sweat’s belongings. Her canine, a 6-year outdated Beagle-mix named Willy Pete, ran to greet the officials who then fired a shot on the canine.

Sweat says officials fired one time and neglected, at which period Willy Pete started operating towards the porch the place she was once status, waving her palms and begging police to let her put the canine inside of.

Sweat says that in spite of her pleas, and Willy Pete operating away, they fired 3 extra photographs, killing the canine.

Sweat’s two kids, ages 7-months and 18-months-old had been sound asleep inside of.

Despite Sweat’s statement to police that her canine would no longer harm them, West Virginia State Police Lieutenant Michael Baylous stated the canine was once a risk, and soldiers did what they’re skilled to do.

“Try to avoid it, if possible, but the trooper who fired the shots, it’s my understanding, waited until the very last second to fire that shot, in hopes that that animal would retreat,” Baylous informed WCHS eight.

A Facebook Page has been created in reinforce of Willy Pete and his circle of relatives so that you could carry this example to justice in addition to to place an finish to mindless capturing of circle of relatives pets by way of police.

According to the Page, Justice for Willy Pete,

Innocent animals are being shot on a daily basis for no reason why by way of cause satisfied, badly skilled law enforcement officials. It is alleged that each 16 mins in the US, a canine is brutally and needlessly shot by way of legislation enforcement. This is an alarming statistic and they’re getting away with it. This has to forestall! Something must be executed prior to extra blameless pets are murdered.

Please signal the petition: https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/major-t-d-bradley-chief-of-field-services-investigate-the-shooting-of-a-family-pet-while-searching-for-a-fugitive-in-the-woods#




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