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Yomee wants to take the guesswork out of culturing yogurt at home

In a post-Juicero international, the bar has been set prime for any piece of sensible kitchen that simplest makes one kind of meals. Enter Yomee, which expenses itself as the Keurig of recent yogurt and is now elevating price range on Kickstarter. Lecker Labs, the startup in the back of Yomee, hopes that its reasonably low worth (each and every unit will retail for $99) and cost-savings will let it be successful the place Juicero failed.

It additionally is helping that culturing yogurt is extra difficult than squeezing a baggie of milk together with your palms. A couple of missteps and chances are you’ll finally end up with milk that by no means gels or an inedible lumpy goo. Yomee simplifies that procedure with a pod containing reside cultures that customers insert into the device, which is ready the dimension of a small espresso maker, prior to pouring in milk. After choosing what type of yogurt they would like on Yomee’s app, they go away it by myself for 6 hours. During that point, Yomee boils and stirs the milk and shall we it set into yogurt prior to cooling it down to 50 levels Fahrenheit.

Loading a pod with reside cultures into Yomee

To make sure, there are already many yogurt makers on the marketplace, together with a number of fashions that charge below $30 on Amazon.com. But Yomee calls for much less supervision, which would possibly assist in making it extra sexy to people who find themselves busy, lazy or simply actually love yogurt (energy customers will also ship calorie knowledge at once from Yomee’s app to Apple Health or Google Fit).

While rising up in Delhi, Lecker Labs founder Ashok Jaiswal watched his mom make yogurt on a daily basis to devour simple or use in recipes. After transferring out of the country 15 years in the past, alternatively, he began purchasing all his yogurt from supermarkets. Then he had a daughter and turned into pickier about what type of yogurt he fed her. So he attempted to recreate his mom’s recipe from reminiscence.

“I wanted to make yogurt like my mom’s yogurt, but it didn’t turn out. I was like ‘huh?’,” Jaiswal tells TechCrunch.

He known as his mom for assist and the two of them figured out that the cooler local weather in Hong Kong, the place he lately lives, intended he had to modify her recipe. Looking for an more uncomplicated possibility, Jaiswal went on-line to purchase a yogurt maker, however maximum nonetheless required him to boil milk and calculate fermentation occasions.

The ultimate straw got here when Jaiswal came upon that almost all of his buddies had no concept yogurt may just also be made at home. He offered his stake in EzeeCube, his remaining startup, and introduced Lecker Labs, which was once permitted by means of accelerator program Food-X, to create Yomee.

Jaiswal says Yomee’s price proposition is one of the issues that units it aside from Juicero. Pods charge $four for a pack of 5 and each and every one cultures about 10 oz. of yogurt. In comparability, simple Greek yogurt offered in supermarkets levels from about 12 cents to 30 cents an oz., relying on emblem. Pods also are open-source so different corporations can marketplace their very own branded variations (Jaiswal says two main dairy corporations are already onboard with the concept). Yomee may even promote pods for vegan yogurts constructed from soy, almond, coconut or rice milk.

“Juicero had its own team and they had their own vision,” says Jaiswal. “What we’re focusing on is a product that is reasonably priced and pods that are reasonably priced. The machine will not only work with our pods, but also a third-party network of pods. So our yogurt is cheaper than supermarket yogurt and the value and convenience we provide is very high.”

Lecker Labs is lately operating with factories in Hong Kong and Taiwan to get the Yomee able to send proper after the Lunar New Year, which takes position in the center of February subsequent yr. After all Kickstarter devices have shipped, Jaiswal says Lecker Labs’ purpose is to release Yomee on Amazon by means of the finish of 2018 and get it into retail shops by means of 2019.

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