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You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours – Truth about Pet Food

Is it accident consultant of Missouri Department of Agriculture rose in the course of the ranks at AAFCO temporarily after his Department disregarded violations of regulation on the Mars Petcare plant in Missouri? You scratch my again, I’ll scratch yours?

When I first met Stan Cook – August 2013 – his apparel at AAFCO conferences was once blue denims and plaid shirts. Casual apparel is not unusual for many in attendance at AAFCO. But issues started to switch dramatically with Mr. Cook’s cloth cabinet through the years; coincidentally – or no longer – lately he wears trade fits to AAFCO. In August 2012 Stan Cook was once a brand new member of AAFCO’s Pet Food Committee (his first participation on any AAFCO committee). It takes years to be told the ropes at AAFCO…effectively, for many it does. Stan Cook rose in the course of the AAFCO ranks in no time. From a complete fledged ‘newbie’ in 2012, to co-chair of AAFCO’s Pet Food Committee in January 2015, to turning into the President of all of the AAFCO group 3 months from now (January 2018).  From blue denims to trade fits, from no enjoy to ‘running the show’ in six quick years.

Coincidentally – or no longer – an energetic consultant to AAFCO all over the similar time period Stan Cook rose to energy at AAFCO was once Jill Franks – Director of Government & Industry Affairs, Mars Petcare. Ms. Franks was once extraordinarily concerned within the AAFCO procedure – a seasoned skilled, she knew State Department of Agriculture participants on a primary identify foundation. She knew Stan Cook.

Coincidentally – or no longer – Missouri Department of Agriculture disregarded a couple of violations of state and federal regulation on the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, MO all over the similar time period Jill Franks was once an energetic player at AAFCO and Stan Cook was once a beginner. Evidence supplied proves Jill Franks was once in touch with Missouri Department of Agriculture all over the investigation of the Joplin plant.

The paperwork shared under have been download via Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from Missouri Department of Agriculture particular to the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, MO. Missouri supplied 880 pages within the FOIA request, on the other hand most of the paperwork have been duplicates. Employees of the plant have shared with me they supplied Missouri Department of Agriculture with hundreds (over five thousand) paperwork, together with video and pictures as proof to violations of regulation. Missouri didn’t supply any video content material within the FOIA request, one of the crucial paperwork have been redacted so closely they have been clean pages.

Mars staff have shared the corporate strongly pushes “The Five Principles” to all “Associates” (staff). The Mars Five Principles are: “Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency, Freedom.” Of importance to what came about on the Mars Petcare plant in Joplin, are the Principles ‘Responsibility’ and ‘Freedom’.

Mars defines the ‘Responsibility’ concept as (partially – daring added): “Our corporate is complicated, with manufacturers, companies, and operations around the globe. How may we proceed to thrive if each and every determination have been made centrally? For this reason why, we give all Associates freedom to behave with complete accountability for doing their assigned jobs. In go back for accepting accountability and handing over awesome effects, Associates obtain recognize and beef up, and are as it should be rewarded in keeping with their efficiency.”

Joplin Mars Petcare worker Lonnie Boyd ‘acted with full responsibility’, asking for physician ordered respiring coverage at paintings. He was once advised “there was no way any better respiratory protection would be provided to any Mars workers.”

Eric Bocher – discussed above – was once a Mars Petcare supervisor on the Mars Joplin plant. Note that the Mars supervisor cancelled the worker’s apply up physician consult with – paintings comparable apply up physician consult with. Responsibility?

Again quoting the Mars Responsibility Principle -“In go back for accepting accountability and handing over awesome effects, Associates obtain recognize and beef up, and are as it should be rewarded in keeping with their efficiency.” In go back for accepting accountability for his personal well being, and making an attempt to give protection to the well being of others – Mars worker Lonnie Boyd was once fired.

Many staff of the dog food plant have been severely in poor health…

The govt company which will have to had been liable for protective the well being of staff – guaranteeing Mars correctly safe staff was once OSHA. In a prior put up in this dog food plant written from Freedom of Information Act paperwork gained from OSHA, we realized that OSHA did little to not anything to give protection to those staff (Click Here to learn). However those staff persevered their private struggle for a protected office and the manufacture of a protected dog food. After OSHA failed them, staff contacted Missouri Department of Agriculture.

Missouri Department of Agriculture had prison authority to research misuse of insecticides throughout the Mars dog food plant AND any production issues of the dog food. But, identical to each and every different govt company the Mars staff contacted, Missouri Department of Agriculture failed to give protection to them and the pets eating the dog food.

Pesticide Law Missouri Department of Agriculture

Missouri regulation states (partially):

281.101. Unlawful acts.

  1. The following are made up our minds to be illegal acts:

(1) It will probably be illegal to counsel to be used, to make use of, or to oversee using any pesticide in a fashion inconsistent with its labeling required by means of labeling necessities of FIFRA, Missouri pesticide use act or Missouri pesticide registration act;

Early within the Missouri Department of Agriculture investigation – there was once transparent proof of a significant issue…

Missouri Department of Agriculture had worker statements of pesticide misuse…

Missouri was once supplied with Mars manager Steve Smith’s incident record verifying the worker’s commentary…

Knowing the severity of the worker accusations, understanding the severity of the well being problems reported by means of staff because of pesticide misuse – Missouri Department of Agriculture despatched a ‘first timer’ for samples of dog food per week later


Missouri pesticide regulation additionally states:

(three) It will probably be illegal to make any false or deceptive statements all over the process an investigation into the sale, distribution, use or misuse of any pesticide;

Missouri Department of Agriculture stuck Mars managers violating the above regulation. Managers Robert Arnold, Eric Bocher and Brad Otter of Mars advised the company all over the investigation the dog food plant “does not fumigate at the plant in Joplin.”

Employees supplied Missouri this bill proving the Mars supervisor’s statements have been false

Missouri Department of Agriculture had proof that three Mars managers immediately violated Missouri pesticide regulation, “(3) It shall be unlawful to make any false or misleading statements during the course of an investigation…”

But, Missouri Department of Agriculture did not anything. In reality, Missouri Department of Agriculture determined to refuse any further proof supplied by means of staff determined for anyone to assist them…

Pesticide issues apart, one massive dog food fear was once disregarded by means of each and every unmarried Missouri Department of Agriculture consultant that visited the dog food plant in 2012 and 2013. The six foot hollow within the roof immediately over the dog food mixer (the place all components are combined previous to extrusion). Multiple Missouri representatives have been within the plant – no longer one in every of them spotted the gaping hollow. The company was once supplied with pictures and video photos (no longer supplied within the FOIA request) of water working in the course of the apparatus, over and on components when it rained. But they did not anything.

A hollow within the roof of a meals or feed production plant – particularly a hollow this huge – is a right away violation of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). A serious violation of GMPs like this will have to have ended in a recall of all puppy meals made on the plant.

But Missouri Department of Agriculture by no means to put into effect dog food rules or pesticide use rules. Missouri Department of Agriculture took no enforcement motion in opposition to Mars Petcare.

At the August 2013 AAFCO assembly (in a while after Missouri Department of Agriculture investigation into the Mars plant ended) – I requested Missouri consultant Stan Cook (our quickly to be AAFCO President) why not anything was once ever carried out about the prerequisites at this dog food plant, the pesticide possibility to staff? He advised me…

Everything we noticed was once in choose of the corporate.

He made this commentary in complete wisdom of Missouri regulation and in complete wisdom that proof proved violations of regulation.

So then I requested Stan Cook (our quickly to be AAFCO President) why was once the dog food was once by no means recalled from that plant? The hollow within the roof? The Good Manufacturing Practice violations? And to this he spoke back…

It wasn’t raining the day we inspected.


One final piece of proof…

The paperwork supplied by means of Missouri Department of Agriculture Freedom of Information Act request incorporated the next protection data of the phosphine pesticide used at the grains and meat and bone meal on the plant. Note the corporate emblem (left best).

The producer of the pesticide used on components in Mars puppy meals was once manufactured by means of the corporate “Degesch”. From Wikipedia: “Degesch had the patent of the infamous Zyklon B, a pesticide that was used to execute people in gas chambers of German extermination camps during the Holocaust.” The labels under have been offered as proof within the Nuremberg Trials. Note the similar corporate emblem.


The 5th ‘Principle’ of Mars is “Freedom”. The Mars web site proudly broadcasts (daring added) “The freedom of Mars relies on the introduction of benefit. Because Mars is winning and generates money, we needn’t borrow cash to the level that we’d lose regulate over our affairs. As lengthy as Mars stays loose, our well-being can at all times come sooner than every other monetary precedence.”

With the whole help of Missouri Department of Agriculture, OSHA, and FDA (NIOSH was once the one govt company that attempted to assist those staff) – “Mars remains free”; Mars didn’t “lose control over their affairs”. But at what value? How many of us was in poor health? How many pets was in poor health? And to what lengths did Mars pass to to ‘remain free’?

“As long as Mars remains free”… [fill in the blank]. Depending on who you ask, there are numerous other endings to that sentence.


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Wishing you and your puppy(s) the most productive,

Susan Thixton
Pet Food Safety Advocate
Author Buyer Beware, Co-Author Dinner PAWsible
Association for Truth in Pet Food

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